The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

untitled (104)TITLE: The Foxhole Court

AUTHOR: Nora Sakavic

SERIES: All for the Game #1

PUBLICATION DATE:  January 15th 2013

GENRE: Sports, YA,

FORMAT: Paperback   PAGECOUNT: 251

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Be Somebody (2016)



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Jordan Jaye is a world famous popstar who doesn’t feel like anyone actually knows him, he feels just like an object or a gimmick. Emily is an aspiring artist whose parents are always preoccupied with work. One night Jordan goes for a late night skateboard while Emilys off delivering pizza. Jordan being the mega star that he is gets recognized and chased down by a bunch of girls because as everyone knows Fangirls are crazy! He runs up to Emilys are and begs and even throws in puppy dog eyes to get her to let him in the car which she does when she sees the mob of girls coming his way.

Emily eventually recognizes him but doesn’t become crazy, instead she drives him to where his tourbus was parked but its gone, already on its way to Las Vegas. Jordan is very rude and just asks to sleep on Emilys bedroom floor even though they’ve known each other for about 15 minutes. It takes a bit of onvining because at least Emily has a bit of common sense to not just let some guy sleep on her floor but eventually agrees and the movie follows on from there, with them to developing a bond. Continue reading

5 Things I want from Magnus Chase and the Ship of The Dead 

So I’m 100 pages in already but there’s still a bunch if things I want from this book by the end of it. 

The first 100 pages have been great so far and I’m really enjoying it but there’s 5 things I’m requesting!

1-Otis and Marvin. 

Thors goats are both hilarious and in serious need of some therapy. They always make me laugh so I’m hoping they show up. 

2-Sam being badass

Im really enjoying Sam’s arc and everything so far in this book but I’m still looking forward to her being more badass and also getting her happy ever after with Amir!


So we all know our amazing Percy Jackson is going to show up at some point (no spoilers as to whether he’s made an appearance so far) but I want more! Even if it’s just like the demigods and magicians stories (which I still haven’t read) but now with Vikings. As long as it’s open ended enough for this to be possible but at the same gives me closure

4-Magnus and Alex

Fierro-Chase must become cannon! That’s it. That is all.

5-Blitzstone shall rise!!!

So deciding which on I want most out if 4 and 5 was difficult but I swear to god(s) if this doesn’t become cannon! I don’t even want/need a big scene, I want it that turns out they’ve been together/married the whole time and everyone knows this but Magnus (whose perspective we’re reading from) is just too oblivious!

Yep. So like I said loving this 3rd book so far. I’m planning on doing  a review for it and maybe a series review too. It’s taken everything I have not to go on tumblr and search for anything because although I need to know if my ships become cannon I don’t want to spoil myself and it’s a very hard thing to have so much self control!