My Mini To Be Read (Immediately)shelf.

A lot of people have a physical TBR shelf where they keep their unread books. I don’t have one of these, I just put the books wherever looks best. However the other day I was bored and I went through my books and notices 5 that I want to read ASAP and so in my state of boredom I piled the 5 books on top of each other and they are now piled in-between some graphic novels, a drawing of the Tardis I made and a couple of Guinness World Record books. And those 5 books I want to read immediately are:

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March TBR

Its already March, and yet this is the first TBR I’ve set this year. The past two months I haven’t known what I wanted to read, but I have a couple this months that I feel like I’m in the mood for, I’m not putting any pressure on myself though, to read all of these or to read these exact books, It’s just sort of like a rough outline of how I currently feel.

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February Wrap Up

Its March! And my reading in February wasn’t that good! I don’t know what happened this month, but I just didn’t read all that much.

I actually had a sort of TBR planned out this month, I just couldn’t find time to write it and the next thing I new it was the middle of the month and there was no point. Continue reading

January Wrap Up!


I’ve been quite absent in posting in the last week or so, thanks to my being ill the week before and having things to catch up with and then being far too exhausted especially if I wanted to get some reading done too.

So January is over, normally this would be were I say how fast this month has passed but actually for me this month passed at a pretty regular pace which made a nice change. And I didn’t do too bad with my reading this month either. I finished 4 books which im happy with so lets just see which ones I read: Continue reading