You, Me and Him (2017)



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Be Somebody (2016)



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Jordan Jaye is a world famous popstar who doesn’t feel like anyone actually knows him, he feels just like an object or a gimmick. Emily is an aspiring artist whose parents are always preoccupied with work. One night Jordan goes for a late night skateboard while Emilys off delivering pizza. Jordan being the mega star that he is gets recognized and chased down by a bunch of girls because as everyone knows Fangirls are crazy! He runs up to Emilys are and begs and even throws in puppy dog eyes to get her to let him in the car which she does when she sees the mob of girls coming his way.

Emily eventually recognizes him but doesn’t become crazy, instead she drives him to where his tourbus was parked but its gone, already on its way to Las Vegas. Jordan is very rude and just asks to sleep on Emilys bedroom floor even though they’ve known each other for about 15 minutes. It takes a bit of onvining because at least Emily has a bit of common sense to not just let some guy sleep on her floor but eventually agrees and the movie follows on from there, with them to developing a bond. Continue reading

Jackson & Ethan Teen Wolf Return!!!


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They’re back!!! 😀
And they’re together!
I am so excited to have some of the original characters return. Last night after watching the clips on Instagram I was super excited and when I was laid there staring up at the ceiling fan I decided to do something productive with my not being able to sleep and so  I wrote down all the things I wan from these two characters as well as questions I want/need explained!!!

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