I went a bit overboard – Book Haul.

Ok so over the last two months I have acquired 10 books, which for me is quite a lot and now I am very close to running low on shelf space

The first two books I bought was actually a while ago now and those were

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Bad Blood by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. These were to celebrate me finishing another term of school. Originally when I bought Rebel Girls I was meant to be buying a gift for a friends birthday and then I spent a lot of money on this book. Continue reading


Bookmarks i want

If I had my way I would own like 50 bookmarks. As it stands I don’t have that many. Most are from when I used to use Book Depository and they’re the free ones they send out.

So because I am a boring person I like to go through Etsy and admire all the super pretty bookmarks people make and now I want to share them. Continue reading

UK Bookhaul!

So today I got back from my week long trip to England. This was my first time travelling with no parents and so of course I was super responsible and decided that I wasn’t going to sleep before having to ride to the airport at 1am with my dad meaning I’m running on 2 hours of sleep from my nap earlier and I’ve been awake since 7am yesterday.

I also took this opportunity with no supervision to purchase more books because of course I did. I didn’t have much space what with travelling with only my backpack and a carry on suitcase so I couldn’t go too overboard but I did come home with three new paperbacks and a new graphic novel:

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Christmas Book Haul !

Merry Belated Christmas!

I hope everyone had an awesome day! I was woken up at half five by my brother so I was running off about 4 hours sleep. Along with my awesome new computer (which means as soon as I figure out how to use this Spanish keyboard I can write more without the keys sticking) and IMAGINE DRAGONS concert tickets (omg!) I got a couple of books.


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