I loved The Bane Chronicles!


Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson.

This book was amazing. I mean its a book all about Magnus Bane so what else would it be! And so I wanted to talk about this books fabulousness, but since this is a bind up of novellas I’m writing my thoughts in a different way then I would usually with other reviews.

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My Mini To Be Read (Immediately)shelf.

A lot of people have a physical TBR shelf where they keep their unread books. I don’t have one of these, I just put the books wherever looks best. However the other day I was bored and I went through my books and notices 5 that I want to read ASAP and so in my state of boredom I piled the 5 books on top of each other and they are now piled in-between some graphic novels, a drawing of the Tardis I made and a couple of Guinness World Record books. And those 5 books I want to read immediately are:

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