Characters who would definitely be mates.

So 1am this morning I wrote a list of characters who I am absolutely positive would be best mates. And so now here I am sharing what I have come up with: Continue reading


Bookmarks i want

If I had my way I would own like 50 bookmarks. As it stands I don’t have that many. Most are from when I used to use Book Depository and they’re the free ones they send out.

So because I am a boring person I like to go through Etsy and admire all the super pretty bookmarks people make and now I want to share them. Continue reading

Favourite M/M couples

Ok so not last week the week before I was out with a viral infection, I literally went blind in the middle of bank with my mum and she thought I was going to pass out. All this meant I had to play catch up with school and I lost track of the days which meant I missed Top 5 Wednesday but I like this topic and I want to do it so here I am.

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Worst books of 2017

There are very few days remaining of 2017 so why not spend those days complaining about the six worst books I read in 2017?

The six books I’m about to talk about weren’t exactly terrible they were just the books I didn’t enjoy this year. The title Worst Books of the year is purely because its shorter then ‘Not great books that I was disappointed by in 2017’.

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