Jackson & Ethan Teen Wolf Return!!!


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They’re back!!! ūüėÄ
And they’re together!
I am so excited to have some of the original characters return. Last night after watching the clips on Instagram I was super excited and when I was laid there staring up at the ceiling fan I decided to do something productive with my not being able to sleep and so  I wrote down all the things I wan from these two characters as well as questions I want/need explained!!!

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1 year of PURPLEPANCAKES’!!!

Wow 1 year already! I’m even more convinced that the plot of Spy Kids 4 is coming true.

Writing this blog has motivated me to read more and helped me discover so many new books and series aswell as making me feel like less of a weirdo for being obsessed with fiction worlds and characters!

I’m learning to improve my reviews slowly but surely, I definitely feel they’re better then my first review but I still have room for improvement!
Thank you to the people who are reading this and the people who follow this blog and like my posts!!!


I loved The Bane Chronicles!


Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson.

This¬†book was amazing. I mean its a book all about Magnus Bane¬†so what else would¬†it be!¬†And so I wanted to talk about¬†this books fabulousness, but since this is a bind up of novellas I’m¬†writing my thoughts in a different way then I would usually with other reviews.

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