Hey everyone.

This is my all new blog, sadly not about pancakes that are purple (sorry if the title of this blog was clickbait) .

The contents you will find here include the following:

  • Book tags that are from youtube but I have low self of steam meaning I prefer hiding behind a fake profile picture instead of people seeing my face.
  • Bookhauls proving to everyone that I’m a Book-Buying-aholic if that’s even a thing.
  • Me talking constantly about the upcoming season of Teen Wolf and my sadness this will be the last season.
  • Movie reviews.
  • Book reviews
  • Marvel/DC movie reviews especially in 2017 (SO MANY GOOD MOVIES). (SPIDERMAN!!)

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  • Fangirling over┬áTV shows!
  • And me talking about all new books that I cant wait to buy but have no money for!

So if any of that sounds interesting to you stick around and follow me.