Munro VS. The Coyote by Darren Groth

E-Arc courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

mvtcTITLE: Munro VS. The Coyote

AUTHOR: Darren Goth

PUBLISHER: Orca Book Publishers

PUBLICATION DATE: October 15th 2017

GENRE: Contemporary, Young Adult

Cover Ok the cover was great to start with but then once you’ve read the book you notice a whole bunch more details and I love it.

Goodreads Synopsis

Since the sudden death of his younger sister, Evie, sixteen-year-old Munro Maddux has been having flashbacks and anger-management issues. He has a constant ache in his right hand. And there’s a taunting, barking, biting voice he calls “the Coyote.” Munro knows a six-month student exchange will not be the stuff of teenage dreams, but in Brisbane he intends to move beyond his troubled past. It is there, at an assisted living residence called Fair Go Community Village, that Munro discovers the Coyote can be silenced.

Munro volunteers as a “Living Partner” and gets to know the team of residents he is assigned to. The burden Munro carries, however, is not so easily cast aside. When one of the team makes the decision to leave, the Coyote gets a new life. When a second resident is taken away, the specter of trauma and death looms larger than ever.

Will Munro learn how to silence the voice? Or will the Coyote ultimately triumph?

My Thoughts

4.54.5 Stars

This book is fab and I definitely recommend this!

This books follows Munro Maddox, who has an awesome name by the way, as he is part of a student exchange programme to Australia after the death of his younger sister who had Downs Syndrome.

I fell in love with Munro and his story and am so pissed at myself for not reading this sooner!

This combined a great blend of cultures, a super interesting plot, supportive characters, all of which is beautifully written.

About 20% of the way through there was a mention of my favourite band in the world, Imagine Dragons, and as if like magic the book just got better and better from there. It really was a sign that things were only going to get better.

My favourite thing about this, besides the Imagine Dragon mentions, was the supportive friendships especially regarding mental health! There’s a conversation between Munro and a friend back in Canada, Louis, over the phone which I just loved! It was such a great thing to see a teenage boy supporting his friend.

And it’s not only the teenagers struggling with their mental health. The host family’s father also struggled, maybe with PTSD after a traumatic event although it’s never specified. It was just something so great to see.

I really don’t want to give anything more away about this book. All you need to know besides the amazing supportive relationships, Imagine Dragon reference it that this is a great and adorable story that I highly recommend.


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