Characters who would definitely be mates.

So 1am this morning I wrote a list of characters who I am absolutely positive would be best mates. And so now here I am sharing what I have come up with:

Isabelle Lightwood & Celaena Sardothien.

Badass Beauties.


They’d train together and then go and braid each others hair and do their make up. Shopping trips would include trying on killer outfits and then going to the weapons shop and buying beautiful knives and swords. I don’t know how it would happen but I want a crossover and I want these two to meet!

Shadowhunters & The Throne of Glass

Robron & Pynch.


Combining two ships here because I think the four of them would get on. I feel like once Ronan and Adam get a bit older they’d bond. Adam and Robert talking about business stuff and abusive fathers while Aaron and Ronan bond over cars and blonde haired siblings and how Aaron also had a buzzcut as a teenager. Plus Rob and Aaron are raising my precious sunshine Seb and Ronan and Adam have Opal.

Emmerdale & The Raven Cycle

Lester Papadopoulos (Apollo) & Captain Jack Harkness


Ok nobody can tell me these two wouldn’t get on like a house on fire! Both would try and outflirt each other and then as soon and Apollo is out of his teenage body and back to his Godly self they’d no doubt hook up and then because ones immortal and one cant die they’d be buds for eternity.

Trials of Apollo & Torchwood

Gansey & Kevin Day


History Nerds Unite!!!! 

I would pay to see this two bond and get to know each other.

The Raven Cycle & All For The Game 

(I also feel like if The Raven Boys ever met the Foxes Henry Cheng and Nicky Hemmick would instantly be best friends and oh my god it would be amazing!)

Juliet and Eliza

So I recently read You’re Welcome, Universe and I feel like Juliet and Eliza (from Eliza and Her Monsters) would be really good friends. Can we just imagine the masterpiece they’d both create?

Sara Lance & Ginny Weasley.


Honestly I don’t know how I came up with this but my 1am brain thought these two could be friends and so does my 7pm brain. I actually cant decide whether this is brotp or otp (when Ginny is older obviously)? Either way I’m game.

(Legends of Tomorrow & Harry Potter)

Yep so there are six new brotps for you. I want crossovers of all of these series. My 1am brain does some good stuff sometimes.








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