Bookmarks i want

If I had my way I would own like 50 bookmarks. As it stands I don’t have that many. Most are from when I used to use Book Depository and they’re the free ones they send out.

So because I am a boring person I like to go through Etsy and admire all the super pretty bookmarks people make and now I want to share

The cuteness level of these designs is through the roof. Look at them!

By: ChezCLM    Price: Currently Unavailable


Everyone needs a Harry Potter bookmark and this is the one I want.

By: MrBookmarkPostcard  Price: 4€


If some normal person where to see this while I read they’re gonna be so confused by this and besides this being a funny quote as is that’s another reason I want this.

By: BornToReadShop   Price: Currently Unavailable 


Look at these designs! My favourite is the Mad Hatter one because I like purple and the drawing looks kind of creepy which I like.

By: fableandblack Price: 1.16€


Because black backgrounds and Mortal Instruments quotes are my jam.

By: BookishStuff Price: 2.08€


Isnt just the best quote from The Raven Cyle? And look at those colours! I feel like I need this for when I read the Dreamers Trilogy.

By: KingdomOfStories Price: 1.80€

See these are just a few bookmarks that I totally adore and I feel like if I buy one I’m going to be addicted and buy them all because I’m that kind of person.


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