October Wrap Up + Mini Book Haul

So we’re pretty far through November already and this is kind of late but lets just agree to blame school and the 2 weeks of nonstop exams I’ve had for my not posting my wrap up.

So I had 3 books I wanted to read in October and I managed to read all 3 of those! Since going back to school I’ve had trouble balancing school, reading and sleep so I’m super happy I reached my goal.

So the first book I finished was All In by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I love this series. It’s book number 3 in The Naturals series which is basically Criminal Minds but with teenagers. So much stuff happened ready for the final book which I unfortunately cant read until near Christmas!


Then I re read Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor ready for book 3 Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead, both of course by Rick Riordan. I had so much fun re reading Hammer of Thor, Otis and Marvin are literally my favourite characters ever. Ship of the Dead was great, I’m extremely sad this is over because this series is just golden!

And I also read half of a book which I technically finished in November so I’ll be including that in this months wrap up instead.

Now I have 2 books which I bought this month. The first being Ship of the Dead because I of course bought it as soon as it came out and my friend Aaron had ordered it too expect he’s decided to ban himself  from reading it until he goes on holiday later this month which means I have to wait weeks until I get too talk about it!

And since the cheapest way to get this book was actually to order this from England and so I figured to get the most out of the shipping charge I also ordered All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater because Maggie Stiefvater is amazing and I love The Raven Cycle, all that plus the gorgeous cover made me want to order this for months.

untitled (96).png

I am now however on a book buying ban until the new year, I’ll no doubt be getting books for Christmas and it gives me some time to read more of my physical tbr shelf, most of the books I own are unread and that just always makes me feel bad.


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