Birthday Book Haul!

untitled (90).pngYep. I’m 15! SO OLD!

But with growing old comes new books!

This year I got technically 6 books but one of them was Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas a book I really do want to read except …. it’s in German or some other language I don’t speak.

Now onto the books I can actually read:

The first two books I got where Fairest and Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. I’ve wanted to read Stars Above ever since I finished Winter.

And the final three books are all Cassandra Clare and my heart is probably going to be broken because of these three books!

I’m currently reading Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy and I’m enjoying it so far although I have only read the first novella. Also I found out book 3 of The Dark Artifices doesn’t come out till 2019! WHAT!

Anyways those are the books I got, I also got money for my birthday some of which is already in my mums bank account so expect another bookhaul really soon!


9 thoughts on “Birthday Book Haul!

  1. dez | the fun in reading books says:

    Happy Birthday! 15 is not that old considering I’m turning 25! Lol. And congrats on getting all those books. Hope you enjoy them all! 😀


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