Top 5 Wednesday- BROMANCES!!!

Bromances! I love talking about bromances so much so that I have 6 to share instead of just 5!

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Jackson & Ethan Teen Wolf Return!!!


untitled (53).png

They’re back!!! 😀
And they’re together!
I am so excited to have some of the original characters return. Last night after watching the clips on Instagram I was super excited and when I was laid there staring up at the ceiling fan I decided to do something productive with my not being able to sleep and so  I wrote down all the things I wan from these two characters as well as questions I want/need explained!!!

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Top 5 Wednesday- Books I started reading before I started blogging

Happy Wednesday! Yay! I did T5W last week and im doing it again this week! I’ve been terrible at keeping up with these during the summer, partly because most the time I just haven’t paid attention to what day it is.
Although I’m not looking forward to be back at school (like AT ALL!) I am 118368looking forward to having some sort of routine in my life, unfortunately that routine wont include as much time for sleeping and reading as it does now!

This weeks topic is books you read before starting blogging. These are probably going to be very cliché and unoriginal but oh well.
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1 year of PURPLEPANCAKES’!!!

Wow 1 year already! I’m even more convinced that the plot of Spy Kids 4 is coming true.

Writing this blog has motivated me to read more and helped me discover so many new books and series aswell as making me feel like less of a weirdo for being obsessed with fiction worlds and characters!

I’m learning to improve my reviews slowly but surely, I definitely feel they’re better then my first review but I still have room for improvement!
Thank you to the people who are reading this and the people who follow this blog and like my posts!!!