Cute Side Ships.

Side ships. The cute ships featuring secondary/side characters who are more than likely going to be very underrated

So here are a couple of the side characters I ship:

By far a very under appreciated couple who I hope in the new trilogy coming out will have a bit more of role together, Gideon Lightwood & Sophie Collins.

untitled (53).pngThey’re adorable, the way Gideon asked her out, if you can even call it asking out with the way he did it (no spoilers, go read Clockwork Princess) was amazing. His whole crushing on Sophie was adorable!

This next one I am pissed about because we got about a minute of them and by them I mean Martha and Mickey from Doctor Who.

b33983ca50c639aa24310cfad024c6e2 THEY’RE MARRIED!

Now, they may not be fully considered as side characters exactly. I feel like Whovians just ignore Martha sometimes. She’s awesome. But because she was introduced right after Rose left, she’s not got as much love. I’m still including them on this list.

I’m currently read The Dream Thieves … again (yes I read and reviewed it just a couple of months ago), and while I was thinking of these side ships, and because of that I remembered Maura and The Grey Man.

tumblr_o6aajx74Pu1snoc3fo1_500They’re cute. Man for hire and psychic. Seriously hope they show up in the Ronan trilogy because like I said, they’re cute and also really funny.

These next two are from Grimm, I love this show it’s great and Monroe and Rosalie are the couple who get in the least amount of trouble and are always there to help out the main character Nick.


And finally, Will Solace and Nico di Angelo. Nico played a large roll in PJO and HOO but the only book where they’ve been together is Hidden Oracle where they were, unfortunately side characters. And so because I love to talk about Solangelo and post cute fanart of them they’re included on this list.


I think I did pretty well thinking of side ships. As soon as I think of a post like favourite otps or something like this every single character just leaves my mind along with tv shows and books I’ve read/watched, thankfully it didn’t happen (much) and I was able to show off some great fictional characters.


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