Troublemakers by Catherine Barter Spoiler Free Review

untitled (54).png*I received a copy from Netgalley in return for a review*

TITLE: Troublemakers

AUTHOR: Catherine Barter


PUBLISHER: Andersen Press 

GENRE: Young Adult, Contemporary, GBLT,  

FORMAT: E-arc     PAGECOUNT: 384

Cover: This cover is beautiful and I would love to have a copy on my shelf.

Goodreads Synopsis

In three years I will be able to vote and I will still have less power than I did at the moment that I saw that email, which was such a tiny thing but look what happened.

Fifteen-year-old Alena never really knew her political activist mother, who died when she was a baby. She has grown up with her older half-brother Danny and his boyfriend Nick in the east end of London. Now the area is threatened by a bomber who has been leaving explosive devices in supermarkets. It is only a matter of time before a bomb goes off.
Against this increasingly fearful backdrop, Alena seeks to discover more about her past, while Danny takes a job working for a controversial politician. As her family life implodes, and the threat to Londoners mounts, Alena starts getting into trouble. Then she does something truly rebellious.

My Review


5 Stars

What a great book!

Although I think its best going into this barely knowing anything and just letting yourself be sucked in and carried away by this amazing story, this book follows 15 year old Alena Kennedy who’s been raised by her older brother Danny and his boyfriend Nick since her mother died when she was just 3 years old.

This is a well written, coming of age story following Alena as she begins to figure things out in her life, like her political beliefs, the numerous questions she has about her political activist mother who she has no memories of, and the fact that there’s a bomber going around leaving bombs at supermarkets around London.

I had such a great time reading this, it was really well written, simple and easy to follow and yet very entertaining, not boring in the slightest, Alena was a great narrator, she had such a personality to her and I loved reading from her point of view.

This was funny, entertaining and really made me think. I’m around the same age as Alena, I’m also paying closer attention to what’s going on in the world trying to figure out where I stand on things and what I think. With the added aspect of a bomber in this book and what’s going on in our cruel and crazy world really connected with me too.

I loved the representation in this book too, Catherine Barter wrote a very realistic couple with Nick and Danny, she treat them just like any other couple who fought, made cheesy jokes but there was still the added aspect of people asking questions about who Alena’s parents where and people did still whisper behind her back which was also realistic because that does still happen.

I really would recommend this book, I’m contemplating buying my own physical copy because I loved it so much, I also enjoyed reading a book set in the UK with the use of words like Mum, the tube, Mobile phone, etc.


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