June Wrap Up

7 Books!

That’s how many book I read this month! I am so shocked I managed to read so much, I did so much better then last month when I only read 2!


The first book I completed this month was The Ghost Files Vol 3 by Apryl Baker. I read this in one weekend, most of it on the beach on my kindle, and the rest I stayed up late reading. This series follows Mattie Hathaway and she can see ghosts and this gets her into some trouble. These books are great, they’re by no means amazing works of literature and they do have their problems but I find them really entertaining to read.91sE9d87AdL

The next book I read was The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan, book two of The Trials of Apollo series. I enjoyed this, I’d been waiting a long time to read it but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. I still really enjoyed it though.

I joined Netgalley this month and let me just say that it’s an amazing site! I read A Guide to Growing Up by Sarah Coralie Smith, I read this because I was bored and it’s written from a Cristian woman and discusses God and it was interesting to read about all the topics mentioned within this from someone elses perspective.

I finally completed The Shadowhunter Codex by Cassandra Clare!! I’ve been reading this for what feeling like an eternity. I thought the first half of this book dragged a bit but when the book slump hit last month I found myself reading it in class and I untitled (53)finally completed it!

I read City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare and I cant believe I’ve finished this series. I loved this book I thought it was great, Alecs’ sass was just amazing in this, Brother Zachariah was also a high point of this book.

I also read another e-arc from Netgalley in June, Breaking by Danielle Rollins, I didn’t really like this book that much I gave it 2 stars, I found it boring and I didn’t think the main character Charlotte had much of a personality. I did do a full non spoiler review though where I talk more about it as well as what it’s about.TBC_cover

And I somehow managed to read The Bane Chronicles of course this is also by Cassandra Clare.i read this in three days and had so much fun, I loved this bind up of Novellas and I’ve fallen in love with Magnus.

I also today finished Troublemakers by Catherine Barter, another book I received from Netgalley. I wasn’t sure whether to include this or not since I finished it today, July 1st, but I did read the majority of it in July and it was a great book which I plan on doing a review for.

And my current read which I also want to include is Winter by Marissa Meyer, I’m just under 310 pages into this, it’s great so far and I expect it’ll get even better and I’ll probably cry.

So yeah I’m very proud of myself and how much I’ve read this month even with the last minute exams and projects for school I still read 7 books, 8 if you include Troublemakers. Hopefully I read just as much in July!



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