I loved The Bane Chronicles!


Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson.

This book was amazing. I mean its a book all about Magnus Bane so what else would it be! And so I wanted to talk about this books fabulousness, but since this is a bind up of novellas I’m writing my thoughts in a different way then I would usually with other reviews.

Before I say anything else I need to get it out of my system: Ragnor Fell is amazing! He’s a green immortal with magical powers and is yet so relatable. He is the Warlock Embodiment of my Soul!

1- What Really Happened In Peru.

I picked this up more or less straight after finishing City of Heavenly Fire and I had such a good time reading this. This novella about Magnus’ antics in Peru throughout the years had me laughing until about midnight. This was definitely a great way to kick it off. 5 stars!

2- The Runaway Queen

I found this one kind of boring compared to the first, it wasn’t as entertaining, I did however love the monkey, everyone needs a pet monkey, who is calle Ragnor. 2 Stars!

3- Vampires, Scones and Edmund Herondale.

Herondales are just the best. I enjoyed this one more then the previous one. It took me a minute to remember which Herondale Edmund was exactly. And baby Charlotte made an appearace which was cute. 3.5 stars!

4- The Midnight Heir

This was great. Will and Tessa and Jem together dealing with James Herondale who seems to be going through a pretty serious stage of teenage brooding, this must be another thing that runs in the family. I have a feeling that Tatiana Blackthorn and Grace who are both weird are maybe gonna play a roll in the upcoming Last Hours series.  4 Stars!

5- The Rise of the Hotel Dumort

Magnus in the 1920’s with a speakeasy and messing with the police. I found it funny how he obviously didn’t want to go t the demon reals but then 80/90 years later he doesn’t have much of a choice! There was a character called Alfie tried flinging himself out a window and my 11 year old brother is twelve and was sat at the other end of he couch while I was reading this. 3.5 Stars!

6- Saving Raphael Santiago

Raphael I love you! This one was so much fun to read. And Ragnor showed up! I mean after COHF I think I deserved some happiness from Raphael. 5 Stars!

7- Fall of the Hotel Dumort

Vampires on crack ladies and gentlemen! 3.5 Stars!

8- What To Get a Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (And Who You Not Officially Dating Anyways)

This one was cute! Magnus totally stressing over what to get Alec and ringing up his friends who have no time for him and his pointless problems. What was also adorable was Ragnors concern for Tessa and Catarina and it gives off the impression that he has an escape plan ready, and he and Raphael gossip about Magnus behind his back. I loved this!! 5 Stars!!

9- The Last Stand of The New York Institute

Highlights from this novella:

  • This story really highlighted how relatable Tessa is. She was complaining about the book to movie adaption of Pride & Prejudice.
  • The Great Catsby
  • Magnus calling his future husband a “doubtless repellent brat” and he’s only like a year old.
  • Adorable baby Clary.

4 Stars!

10- The Course of True Love (And First Dates)

This was pretty cringey to read, they were both so awkward but it was still kind of cute! 3 Stars!

I’d just like to point out that the fact that my three favourite of these novellas include Ragnor is a total coincidence.  Then again it might not be.

So yeah, I loved this book, I would love to see Harry Shum Jr, who plays Magnus on the show Shadowhunters , re-enact all of these scenes, maybe just for promo or something like releaseon a week leadin up to the season premiere/finale or whatever. Someone suggest this too Freeform or just get me a job in their promotional department!



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