Breaking by Danielle Rollins Spoiler Free Review.

untitled (29)*I received a copy from Netgalley in return for an honest review*

TITLE: Breaking

AUTHOR: Danielle Rollins

PUBLICATION DATE: Expected publication August 10th 2017

PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury Childrens

GENRE: Young Adult, Mystery, Fiction,


Cover: This awesome cover is what drew me in in the first place add that with the boarding school element and I of course requested it straight away.

Goodreads Syopsis

Charlotte doesn’t fit in with her two best friends, or with anyone else at The Underhill Preparatory Institute, her cut-throat school for the rich and gifted. But when those best friends die suddenly, Charlotte doesn’t know where to turn.

Were they keeping secrets? Could Charlotte be the reason they did it? Because Charlotte has a secret of her own, and now she must decide how much she will risk to discover the truth.

My Review

untitled (42)2.5 stars

In this book we follow Charlotte who two best friends, Ariel and Devon, committed suicide. While packing up her things in her dorm after being ‘asked to leave’ the private and prestigious boarding school she attends, she discovers a bottle with a tag saying ‘drink me’ so naturally she does. This turns out to be one of three clues and so she convinces her mother, with whom she has a less than perfect relationship with, and the Principle to giver her a second chance. What she doesn’t tell them, however, is that she plans to figure out why the two people closest to her killed themselves. But she uncovers more than she was expecting.

This book started off with a contemporary feel to it, Charlotte was struggling with her loss, blaming herself and questioning why, as well as juggling her feelings for her now dead best friends’ ex-boyfriend (quite a mouthful). Slowly it started feeling like a mystery with Charlotte looking for information and clues before ending with a sort of sci-fi/x-men feel.

For me I didn’t really start enjoying this till about  1/2 way through when the story started to unfold and things were revealed, but at the start it felt like she was repeating things over and over, how she had to get her grades up, how she and her mother weren’t close, and her relationships with Ariel and Devon seemed like a love/hate relationship. Charlotte herself wasn’t a super interesting protagonist and I didn’t really connect all that much with her.

The way it ended made me think there’s going to be a sequel. There is another book, Burning, which is a sort of companion book, but its not necessary to read that before reading this. If there is a sequel, if I still remember what happened but with the pretty basic plot I’m sure I will, I’ll probably pick it up if I receive an arc, like with this, or if its really cheap on Kindle.

I recommend this if you want an easy read.


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