TMI vs TID Tag (Spoilers)

I just finished City Heavenly Fire about 10 minutes ago and I have a lot of feelings but its late so I don’t want to start my review while tired but I do need to talk about the book in some way so I am doing this tag, which I’ve wanted to do for a while but obviously having not read the last book from The Mortal Instruments I had to wait.

1-Favorite main character: Clary or Tessa?

Tessa. I liked Tessa a lot more then Clary. For me Clary annoyed me to much for the first half of the series, even though with the last two books in the TMI series I didn’t want to strangle he as much. Also Tessa’s a book nerd, we connected on a spiritual level.

2-Favorite Herondale: Jace or Will?

These two boys are very problematic. They both hide their pain behind sarcasm and rudeness, neither really care for rules, they both know far too much poetry for it to be believable and neither of them know what to do when it comes to love. Also they both have terrible timeing in regards to sleeping with their significant other I.E: in the demon realms, and while held prisoner. I think Will wins this one though, he has a dragon tattoo.

3-Favorite love triangle: Simon/Clary/Jace or Will/Tessa/Jem?image5

 Will/Tessa/Jem. I didn’t see the point of Simon and Clary’s brief romace in City of Ashes, I didn’t like it and I felt awkward reading those scenes. The TID triangle though was amazing. So much love from all three of them. Jem and Wills’ friendship was ruined over it and in he end everything worked out well.

4-Better villain: Sebastian or the Magister?

Sebastian. I found him to be so funny, I loved the whole Team Evil thing from City of Lost Souls, and he just had a much cooler story arc compared to Mortmain.

5-Better army: The Dark Army or The Clockwork Army?

The Dark Army. The Clockwork army freaked me out but The Dark Army where just cooler and had awesome looking uniforms, (like that red and badass looking outfit  Jennifer Lawrance wore in the poster for the last Hunger Games movie) and the shadowhunters transforming into those creatures had a bigger impact on me over the big and creepy slabs of metal.

6-Better first book: City of Bones or Clockwork Angel?

City of Bones. I enjoyed Clockwork Angel but it did drag on a bit. I read COB first and  had so much excitement over starting this popular and well loved series who’s movie I’d wached a half a dozen or so times.

7-Better female sidekick: Isabelle Lightwood or Cecily Herondale?

Isabelle Lightwood. Cecily was only really in the last book of TID whereas Izzy had six books to show off how amazing and badass she was, and as cool as the scene where Cecily jumped on top of her future father-in-law/giant demonic worm, Izzy still wins (and she does all this in high heels).

8-Better setting: The New York Institute or The London Institute?

I honestly cant decide with this on, they both have cool libraries, and are set in a big city. The only way the London institute maybe takes lead is the fact that it has Jessamine as its protector and I liked the servants who worked there, but other then that its a draw.

9-Better final epilogue: City of Heavenly Fire or Clockwork Princess?

Clockwork Princess. This epilogue had me sobbing, I was in tears reading the end to this. I did enjoy the Heavenly Fire epilogue, it made me feel all warm inside seeing them all happy and seeing Jem steal Church back, but Clockwork Princess had me very emotional so it wins.

TMI: 4

TID: 4

And because I feel like he’s been left out in this tag, here is an adorable fanart of Jem Carstairs:d9e74de8a1963115ebb3c644dda4a809




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