Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Minor Characters.

I’m late but here is this weeks top 5 Wednesday.

This weeks theme is minor characters! The weekly themes are posted on their goodreads page.


(Disclaimer: I am the worst at remembering last names especially of characters)

1- Jeff, 13 Reason Why.

This guy is so sweet and I started watching the show again last night (from episode 2) and he’s adorable. Also I so far like Tony unless something bad about him comes up, he’s adorable too but I don’t want this to turn into a 13 Reasons Why post (that may be coming soon).

2- Sophie, The Infernal Devices

I love Sophie and I hope in The Last Hours series we get to see more of her and how she’s getting on.

3- Felix, The Kane Chronicles

This tiny little (I believe 8 year old) is hardly in this series but I like him because he has an obsession with Penguins and I just loved that for some reason.

4- Danny, Teen Wolf

I want him back. “Dude its Beacon Hills”. ICONIC! Can we have him come back even if its just one scene where he comes in and saves them all and be like “I guess Beacon Hills is still Beacon Hills” while the pack just stares in shock.

5- Will Solace, Rick Riordans books

It makes me sad that Will Solace isn’t a main character. He’s just so great and sweet and badass!


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