The Book-Slump Blues

Yep. I have slipped into a Book Slump and its not going away. The last book I read was The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater and I haven’t picked anything up since.

This isn’t me giving advice on how to get over a book slump because I haven’t found anything that can works just yet, because I haven’t been reading as long as other people I haven’t experienced as many slumps. Instead this is just me complaining.


There are a couple reasons why I feel like I might be in a slump, so hopefully once these problems go away I’ll be able to pick up a book (PLEASE!)

1- My most anticipated book of the year I ordered a month ago STILL HAS NOT COME!

This seems like the most easy one to solve because I should hopefully have it by the weekend. Apparently they tried to deliver it last week but no one was in so now we have to wait till my dad gets back for him to sign something to get my book from post office. Hopefully my slump will stop with this book!

2- Too much school.

I’ve got exactly 32 days left of school, 31 considering I wont be going on the last day because theres no point, but for the next 29 days (that when books get handed in) I have exams and homework and I really need to get good grades this term to make up for the failure that was last term. Because of this I don’t want to pick up anything too big/emotional/etc that will make me want to stay up till stupid oclock reading.

3- I’m on a TV high.

I just want to spend my time rewatching Season 8 of Criminal Minds (that seasons plot it interesting), Merlin, I’ve recently gotten back into WWE all over again and now 13 Reasons Why, I wasn’t a fan of the first episode but I literally just watched the second episode and the plot thickened and now I think I may just binge watch it a bit further.

4- I’m too tired.

I don’t know whats wrong with me at the minute but I just feel tired a the time! My dad works away a couple weeks at a time around Europe then gets a week at home, and my mum started work again on nights three days a week and so I stay up till she gets home and then I scroll my phone cause I have no self control! And then the morning comes round far too fast and I am exhausted so I don’t have the motivation to read.

I really really hope this goes away soon cause theres so many books I want to read, some I have my eye on buying but I cant justify it to myself until I read something, which isn’t going to happen if I don’t just read something!

So there was me complaining. I really hope I get out of this feeling because its driving me crazy!


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