Fictional Characters I Want to Punch!

For as many great characters there are, there are also plenty who deserve to be punched in the nose either because they’re so annoying or because they’re the worst and so here are the characters I want to beat up:tumblr_n5fv7kCmt71shjo9mo2_250.gif

Maggie (Greys Anatomy)

Oh my god she is so annoying! She may actually be the reason I’m writing this list because everytime she’s on screen I want to pull her hair. She acts like such a spoilt brat and she’s so selfish. Like how she reacted recently when she found out about Meredith and Nathan. So annoying!!

Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)

Do I even need to explain why she deserves to have a broken nose?

Gerard Argent (Teen Wolf)

Literal douche. NEVER trust this guy. He cuts poor innocent werewolves in half with a sword! And he beat up Stiles Stilinski! Is this not evidence enough that he needs to be beaten … with a baseball bat!?

Sybil (Lunar Chronicles)

I’d also punch Levana but we’re just gonna keep Sybil too. She came to a sort of grim end, her death was kind of grewsome but still, she did horrible things and I want the satisfaction of punching her.

Robert Parrish (The Raven Cycle)

I’m on the final book in this series, and I’ve been marathoning the last 3 books. Every time this guy is mentioned I become unreasonably annoyed and angry because he is just horrible and Ronan needs to beat him up!

Those are the characters I feel violence against. I’ll probably have a few more characters to punch after I read and watch a couple more series.




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