Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater Book Review

untitled (65)TITLE: Blue Lily, Lily Blue

AUTHOR: Maggie Stiefvater

SERIES: The Raven Cycle #3

PUBLISHER: Scholastic Press 

PUBLICATION DATE: October 21st 2014

GENRE: Young adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban Fanstasy

FORMAT: Paperback   PAGECOUNT: 389

Possible spoilers for Book 1, The Raven Boys, and book 2 The Dream Thieves.

Cover: Beautiful cover like all the rest, I like this edition of the cover better then the green one where the face is at the right side too


Blue Sargent has found things. For the first time in her life, she has friends she can trust, a group to which she can belong. The Raven Boys have taken her in as one of their own. Their problems have become hers, and her problems have become theirs. The trick with found things, though, is how easily they can be lost.


untitled (81)

4 Stars.

I have become TRASH for this series recently and once again I have slipped into a sort of slump like state after finishing this! Another thing that seems to have become a regular occurrence is me staying up till stupid o’clock reading this!

I feel terrible for saying this but this is probably my least favourite out of the series so far and I found the ending to be very underwhelming. To the point where I woke up the next morning and only remembered I’d finished it the night before when I turned over and saw it sat there.

I didn’t feel like it was as exciting as the previous two books either and this should have gotten me so excited for the final book and made me want to read the next book ASAP, should have made me want to start the finale as soon as I’d finished the last page and read until the stupid hours of the morning. But that didn’t happen, I didn’t come away feeling any sort of anxiousness or excitement for the finale.

Obviously I enjoyed Maggie’s writing, she’s such an amazing writer with a beautiful way of telling stories. And of course I loved the characters because they are amazing, even the secondary characters have such a personality to them .

There’s not much else non spoiler to talk about which I haven’t said in my previous reviews of the books, other than the fact that I did enjoy this much less then the others.


 Lets just start with my disappointment with the ending. So we finally meet Artemus and it was … boring. He was just there in the cave and I had so much anticipation for his arrival into the story and Blue meeting him and it just didn’t live up to expectations. Also Neeve came back and there was no big thing with that either. Piper (total bitch) woke up after being knocked unconcious and Neeve was just there talking to her, no grand arrival for her. I hope they have more of an impact on me in the next book.

More Ronan and Adam scenes! They’re adorable together. And that barn scene was so cute between the two of them. I’m really liking Ronans character development, he’s still him, with his fiery personality and the fact that he has no sensor, but he seems less damaged, and I love that.

I feel Adam did a fair amount of growing in this, he still has a long way to go, I’m still just waiting for him to be happy which better come soon or else I will riot! I was kind of annoyed that we didn’t get to see more of the courtroom scene, I want to know what Ronan said, I want to know what happened to that total douche Robert Parrish.

PERSEPHONE!!!!!! I cant even dwell on this too long because I’ll get angry and some naïve part of me is still holding onto hope that she’ll actually be alive in the next book.

On the back of my book it said ‘Friends betrayed’, I was convinced Mallory was going to be the one who betrayed them, double cross them with the Ley Line because he seemed like the type. He didn’t though, I actually have no idea who betrayed who, so I think with all the late night reading I might have missed something, either that or nobody betrayed anybody. (Also loved the inclusion of Mallory having anxiety)

Greenmantle was a nice edition to the story I wasn’t expecting. When I imagined the man on the other end of the phone talking to Mr Grey in the last book though, I for some reason imagined a short Indian man with too much money. But that’s not who he was and I don’t really see the point of him other then to introduce Piper and annoy Ronan and Mr Grey.

With the inclusion of Greenmantle and his chapters we missed out on chapters from Mr Greys point of view which I missed because I loved his POV in the last one and I would have loved to see his growing relationship with Blue through his eyes.

So I am looking forward to the next book; more Pynch development, learning more about Artemus, Gwenllian, Noah. But I am really scared too because I mean this is the one where Ganseys supposed to die, I’m really torn as to whether or not to read this straight away or leave it a bit, because I am terrified.


“I know when I’m awake and when I’m asleep,” Ronan Lynch said.
Adam Parrish, curled over himself in a pair of battered, greasy coveralls, asked, “Do you?”
“Maybe I dreamt you,” he said.
“Thanks for the straight teeth, then,” Adam replied.”

“Blue,” he warned, but his voice was chaotic. This close, his throat was scented with mint and wool sweater and vinyl car seat, and Gansey, just Gansey.
She said, “I just want to pretend. I want to pretend that I could.”  

“Don’t tell the others,” Gansey said.
“I’m dead,” Noah replied, “not stupid.”

“I’m going in,” Gansey said as Ronan sat down on the step beside Adam. As Gansey shut the door behind him, he heard Adam say, “I don’t want to talk,” and Ronan reply, “The fuck would I talk about?”  

“Behind him, he heard Ronan say, “I like the way you losers thought Instagram before first aid. Fuck off.”  

“What do we do now?” Gansey asked.
From the other room, Calla bellowed, “GO BUY US PIZZA. WITH EXTRA CHEESE, RICHIE RICH.”
Blue said, “I think she’s starting to like you.”

“It was amazing that she and Ronan didn’t get along better, because they were different brands of the same impossible stuff.”

“Her aura is like yours—it’s blue,” he said. “The clairvoyant aura!”
“Is it?” She was going to be extremely annoyed if this was how she had gotten her name—like naming a puppy Fluffy.”

“It was true that Blue was just shy of five feet and it was also true that she hadn’t eaten her greens, but she’d done the research and she didn’t think the two were related.”  

“We are going so slow,” Noah said, craning his neck to observe the inevitable queue behind them. “I think I just saw a tricycle pass us.”
“Sir, I think maybe your mama didn’t teach you how to talk to women. And she’s not my girlfriend.”  
“You guys have a death list?” Ronan broke in. “That is fucking dark. Am I on it?” “Some days, I wish,” Blue said.”
“Ronan shook his head, but then, with a wicked smile, he began to sing, “Squash one, squash two, s—” “Not that one,” both Adam and Gansey said. “I’m not listening to that for three hours,” Adam said. Gansey pointed at Ronan until he began to breathily whistle a jaunty reel.”
“Are you reading off notes?”
“No.” Gansey closed his journal.”
“Why did he care if Gansey and Ronan saw this? They already knew. They knew everything about him. What a lie unknowable was. The only person who didn’t know Adam was himself.”  

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