Top 10 Tuesday – Ten Things On Our Reading Wishlist

Hello. It’s nearly ten o’clock (Monday) and I am exhausted after sitting with my dad for over a an hour doing equations and neither of us knew anything but I wont have time to write this tomorrow because I’m going to see Guardians of the Galaxy VOL 2 tomorrow straight after school and I’m excited but I also have an exam on Wednesday I haven’t even started studying for so …


Anyways, this weeks topic is book wishlist, basically things you want to read/ see more of in books like tropes, time periods types of characters, plots etc. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to come up with ten cause my brains not working but I’ll try and think of as many as I can. 1- Merlin Retelling set in modern setting.

I want this so much! Just any Merlin retelling with Arthur and his knights, and I want them to have great chemistry like in the show.

2- More modern urban fantasy set in Yorkshire.

Why do all books set in England set in either London, or the countryside in Scotland/Ireland.

3-Platonic girl & boy friendships.

Just a friendship with a boy and a girl where neither are in love with the other in a romantic way but in a your like my family way, and not just cause one of them’s gay, and they make fun of each other.

4- Characters with gay/lesbian parents and that fact isn’t the main topic of the story.

I want it to just be a normal thing, the same way having just one mum/dad would be. Like a chosen one trope or something like that and the main character just happens to have two mums/dads.

5- Social Anxiety books.

I want a book where a character has social anxiety and they feel awkward constantly and feel like people are laughing at them and then feel stupid because why would someone be looking and laughing at them because they’re not important and I want it to talk about how its not just plain shyness and them getting better and gaining more confidence and not with a love interest either, swooping into to ‘make them better’

6-Teenage murder detective.

Basically more books like The Natural series because I like it so much.

7- More pets!

Not enough books have pets in them! I couldn’t even think of one for a Book Travelling Tuesday.

That’s all I can think of at the minute. I’ll probably go to bed and think of like 20 more but this is all my sleep deprived brain can think of.


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