Top 10 Tuesday- Fandoms!!!!!

Time to talk about my fandoms. I’m going to try my best not to turn this into a trillion word rant about, but I make no promises.
Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


1- Harry Potter – Potterhead.

This is most likely going to be on everyone’s list but that’s because the Harry Potter fandom is great. We have great source material, 2016 was a fab year for Potterheads, better for some depending on how they like Cursed Child but nevermind. Harry Potter was probably the first fandom I consciously joined, and by that I mean I had learnt what a fandom was.

2- Percy Jackson

I’m not sure what this fandom is called but that doesn’t matter because these books are life. Infact its more than just Percy Jackson, its the whole Riordanverse of which I am a huge fan of; Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, The Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase, Kane Chornicles.

3- Shadowhunters

So I’ve recently become quite obsessed with the books all over again recently thanks to me marathon-ing The Infernal Devices Trilogy last month. I even started watching the show, which I’d watched the first couple of episodes but wasn’t enjoying it and also I didn’t want spoilers for the series. I did however loose track of the show thanks to exams but those are over now so I’ll probably start up from where I left off (last episode I watched was season 1 where they went to the alternate universe)

4- Teen Wolf

This is my favourite show ever. I’d say this show pushed me towards fantasy and paranormal and when I couldn’t find any more decent shows I turned to books to get my fill of magical worlds. I’m anxiously awaiting the final 10 episodes, I’m both really excited and also dreading it!

5-Doctor Who – Whovian

I started watching this last year and it was so much fun. I’m on season 8 at the minute, haven’t watched any for a while but hopefully I can catch up this summer. My favourite doctor by the way is Eleven I think.

6- The Lunar Chronicles

Ever since I read Cress I haven’t been able to get enough of headcannons and tumblr posts but I also don’t want to be spoilt for Winter so I have to be really careful. I think Marissa Meyer has a chance to be a favourite author of mine but after only having read one of her series I don’t want to confirm that yet, I need to read at least one more of her books which doesn’t focus on the Rampion Crew to know for sure though.

7- Supernatural

Recently started watching this again, I’m right at the beginning of season 4, but they helped me get through my homework and finishing projects. Supernatural is just an amazing show with a great cast and characters, I have a whole board on Pinterst dedicated to them.

8- Robron

Does this count as a fandom? I mean technically its a ship (Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden off UK soap opera Emmerdale on ITV) but theyre adorable and I’m havinf withdrawal syndrome. (Aarons in jail, he’s been beaten up cause he’s gay, he gets out this week after his 12 month scentance was shortened, but he took drugs to get through and when Robert found out they were both messed up and Rob cheated on Aaron with his ex wives sister who he’d already had an affair with and there’s a chance she might be pregnant and I want to cry!!!). Robron should we classed as a fandom.

I’m sort of sad to say that this is the end of the fandoms. I cant think of any more. I haven’t read far enough in Throne of Glass to be obsessed with that, same with Falling Kingdoms and Raven Boys. This list will probably change in a couple of month as a read more books and get introduced to new fandoms. But thanks for reading, I hope this didn’t turn into a babble, except maybe for number 8.


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