TOP 10 TUESDAY – Authors I really want to meet.

I apologise for not blogging much this week. I still have a book review half done in my drafts for Clockwork Prince, and I haven’t been keeping track of the weekly top 10’s or top 5’s, but that’s because I have had so much studying and homework to get through thanks to it being nearly the end of the term and we get our grades next week so I have lots of last minutes things to do, and by the time I’m done I’m far too tired and I just want to get wrapped up and lay down.


Anyways this weeks topic is anything to do about authors and considering I haven’t met any authors this is the top 10 I’d really like to meet.

This is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

1- Rick Riordan – Because I feel I should meet and get him to sign some books considering all my money goes to him.
2- Sarah J Maas – She seems like a really sweet person and I could use a first hand demonstration as to how to pronounce the names/places she writes about.
3- Marissa Meyer
4- Cassandra Clare
5- J.K Rowling
6- Ransom Riggs
7- Jennifer Lynn Barnes – Her The Naturals series helped push me fully into the YA genre.
8- Martina Cole – Because I’m a nice daughter and she’s my mums favourite author, she owns all her books except one which has just come out so I’d be nice and get a signed book for her.
9- John Green – I’ve only read Paper Towns by him and did not enjoy it but I think he’d be a cool guy to meet.

So that was only 9, but I couldn’t think of a tenth. Thanks for reading, Im going to run through the recorder song I have to do for the exam tomorrow before I curl up and try not to fall asleep, and hopefully I can get some more read tonight.


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