Beauty and the Beast 2017

Me throughout the entirety of watching this movie:


I went to see Beauty and the Beast on the day it came out, March 17th, and I’ve only just gotten around to writing this.

I got a message the night before from my friend asking if I wanted to come, she was buying the tickets online to make sure we got seats, and the next day I met up with them on the night. Normally when we go to the cinema we go on the train, its cheap and quick enough, but the other person I was going with a car so she drove the three of us there, nearly getting lost on the way.

We arrived, half an hour early and were the first ones in the movie, I ate a couple of my strawberry pencils that I bough before hand, because due to the amount of movies I want to see this year I can’t afford to pay 7 euros everytime for popcorn I never finish and a small drink filled with mostly ice. Eventually the seats began to fill. There was a big group of kids on a school trip, possibly a boarding school since i live near quite a few of them. One of the teachers did not look all too pleased to be there, he looked like he was most probably going to ‘go to the toilet’ but instead disappear into a bar.

When the lights went down and the trailers started, the trailers I actually enjoy, my friends were grinning.

The movie was amazing! It was so cool and magical. It was so cool to see a movie I watched from my childhood, mostly I watched it because at one point its all my brother wanted to watch, come to life. Its strange to think how there are now a bunch of kids out there who know Emma Watson and Belle and not Hermione Granger.

My favourite parts of this were the library scene, and that little squeal and clap with the big grin, it felt really relatable, because I do that same expression and sound when buying books off amazon.

giphy (7).gif

I also thought the scene when it was snowing and she threw the small snowball at him and then the look of horror that flashed across her face as he made up a gigantic one and threw it at her.

As for the musical numbers, I had my friend singing in my ear on them all. My favourite was Belle, I liked the production of it and everything. Be Our Guest was also great too.

The only thing I didn’t like was Emma Watsons accent, its not that I don’t like it, its just that recently her British accent sounds so weird, and something I just kept picking up on that.

This movie was so great and I needed to let out my feelings about it because my mum was dissaponted she couldn’t go see it, so I’ve had to say it was crap to keep her happy until she can watch it for herself.


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