March TBR

Its already March, and yet this is the first TBR I’ve set this year. The past two months I haven’t known what I wanted to read, but I have a couple this months that I feel like I’m in the mood for, I’m not putting any pressure on myself though, to read all of these or to read these exact books, It’s just sort of like a rough outline of how I currently feel.

So the first book on this TBR I’ve already read and really enjoyed, and that was The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan. This is the first book in the Trials of Apollo series, about the god Apollo falling to Earth in the form of a sixteen year old mortal with no divine powers and he has to complete a bunch of trials and quests in hopes of restoring his godly powers. I have a full review HERE.

Next is actually my current read which is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, the first book in The Infernal Devices trilogy. I’m not far into this, about 50 pages in, I think, I tried reading more yesterday but everytime I went to read my mum started talking to me or my dog would jump on me and distract me. The only thing I know about this series is that its about Shadowhunters in Victorian England. Really looking forward to reading more of this.

Hotel Valhalla Guide to The Norse Worlds by Rick Riordan, this is a companion book to the Magnus Chase series basically explaining all the different Norse gods and worlds and I read a couple of pages this morning so hopefully this month I will read it, but then again this isn’t the first TBR this book has been apart of so, we’ll wait and see.

Because apparently I’m reading a bunch of companion books this month by the two authors I recently read and am currently reading, I also have The Shadowhunter Codex by Cassandra Clare & Joshua Lewis as part of this TBR. If I’m going to be making more progress with the Shadowhunter Chronicles than I may as well read the codex as wlel.

And lastly, if I have time to get around to it, I would like to read my first contemporary of the year , Night Owls by Jenny Bennett. I was actually trying to decide between reading this and reading Clockwork Angel, this time yesterday . I don’t really know what this is about but I like the cover and its really small so maybe I can read this in March.

So that is my TBR, whether or not I stick to it is another thing entirely but we’ll see.


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