Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Jobs I’d Want to Have

When I grow up -and get transported into a fictional world-, I want to be a:

1- Professor at Hogwarts (Or any other sort of magical and mythical school)

Because who wouldn’t want to work at some sort of magical school teaching kids to use their magic, especially if its at Hogwarts.

2- Grimm Reaper

Mainly because in the book Croak by Gina Damico it makes it look so much fun to collect peoples souls.

3- Superheroes Shrink

Can you imagine being the therapist to Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Black Widow, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, etc. And if I’ve learnt anything from all the movie’s I’ve watched it’s that superheroes have some serious problems.

4- Badass Super Secrete Spy

I want to be a badass spy who can escape a high security prison with just her fists and a toothpick or a paperclip.

5- Baby Dragon Baby Sitter.

Channelling my inner Charlie Weasley with this one. I want to take care of newborn dragons cause oh my god how cute would they be, flapping their little wings about and burping then fire comes out.

Those are all the jobs I’d like if I they were to exist, or if I could ever imagine having the skills to do that when it comes to number 4.

The weekly topics for Top 5 Wednesday are posted on their Goodreads page, if you want to participate next week.


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