March Wrap Up

Yayy. I’m so proud of myself, March was such a great reading month for me! Continue reading


TOP 10 TUESDAY – Authors I really want to meet.

I apologise for not blogging much this week. I still have a book review half done in my drafts for Clockwork Prince, and I haven’t been keeping track of the weekly top 10’s or top 5’s, but that’s because I have had so much studying and homework to get through thanks to it being nearly the end of the term and we get our grades next week so I have lots of last minutes things to do, and by the time I’m done I’m far too tired and I just want to get wrapped up and lay down.


Anyways this weeks topic is anything to do about authors and considering I haven’t met any authors this is the top 10 I’d really like to meet. Continue reading

March TBR

Its already March, and yet this is the first TBR I’ve set this year. The past two months I haven’t known what I wanted to read, but I have a couple this months that I feel like I’m in the mood for, I’m not putting any pressure on myself though, to read all of these or to read these exact books, It’s just sort of like a rough outline of how I currently feel.

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