My Original OTPS!

Its Valentines Day.

(Or at least it will be when this is published)

So I thought I’d talk about the good old days when I first started shipping and having OTPs, before I even knew what either of those terms meant. Looking back it turns out I shipped  a fair few people together:


Zoey and Chase – Zoey 101

These two were so adorable, and I loved watching Chase just try and profess his love for them so many times but it just didn’t work out, for example  Zoeys phone falling into the fountain as soon as he messages her saying he likes her! (PS I really wanted one of those phones). And the of course Zoey moved to London and I think they sort of got together I cant remember but then the show ended due to the pregnancy scandal.

Tracy Beaker and Ben – The Story of Tracy Beaker.

I loved this show growing up, I used to watch it on CBBC on a Saturday and I collected a few of the magazines because they had cool stickers and they had the DVD’s. These two were just so fun together and they never got together! Pft!

Tori and Beck- Victorious

So I think this may have been my last childhood type ship, and I think Beck and Jade together where awesome, but my eleven year old brain still detected something betwee Tori and Beck!

Logan and Quinn – Zoey 101

I was shook when this happen, I watched this and was like OMG!! These two where so unexpectedly cute and adorable and I’m getting all smiley about it now. I hope they had extremely intelligent children with great hair!

Alex and Mason – Wizards of Waverly Place

This was probably my favourite Disney show ever when I was younger and these two were so cute, a wizard and a werewolf! And they went through a lot, as much as a couple can go through on Disney. I also thought Alex and Dean were cute too, Dean was her first crush at the start of the series.

Gabriella and Troy – High School Musical

I was the biggest fan of HSM (and yes I’m going to be watching the fourth movie whenever it comes out just because). I had lunchboxes and pyjamas and tshirts and I used to have the chain, dogtag like necklaces (from ASDA) and I even had the Gabriella singing doll. Obviously I shipped these two. I was so happy when I found out they were dating in real life. And I was heartbroken when they broke up. But I do think Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are adorable together.

The Miley, Jake and Jess Triangle – Hannah Montana

Literally the hardest decision of my life was choosing who I liked more. Jake or Jess. Back then I think I leaned more towards Jess, but thinking back now, Jake and Miley had history. Still don’t know who I’d choose though. But I shipped both of them with her.

So yep. Turns out I’ve always been a huge fangirl from a very young age, all the from Barney and Friends (I had loads of the VHS Tapes) to Hannah Montanna to Supernatural and Doctor Who.


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