Crap That Booknerds Say

Last week I watched a video on Youtube by Emmabooks when she was taking part in the Biannual Bibliothon, and the challenge for that days video was to make a video about ‘Crap –Insert a group of people here– say’, and I really enjoyed her video, I believe she did hers about Booktubers, and because I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d have a go at doing my own version with Book nerds.

“I’m so excited to read this book!”

“This cover is beautiful, it’s so pretty!”

“This book broke me”

“I just want to sit in bed all day and read”

“I just want all the books. All the books ever”

“Yes I know I said they’re my OTP, but so are they”

“The feels!”

“I have nothing to read”

“My TBR pile is so big, I’m not even kidding”

“He’s just a lil cinnamon roll”

“OTP Alert!”

“This book was so so SO good”

“I have no more space on my shelves”

“I need the next one in my hands like right now”

“How am I supposed to wait a whole year for the next book” 

So those are some of the things Book Nerds say, that I could think of at least.


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