Top 5 Wednesday – Who I’d invite to my New Years Eve Party

So Christmas has passed and its time to think about the new year, 2017! Meaning that for the next couple months I’m going to be crossing out the 6 of 2016 in my notepad and writing a 7 instead. Although most people are more concerned about how they’re going to spend the New Years Eve and if I wasn’t a shut in and I could invite any fictional characters these are the one’s I’d invite to my epic New Years Eve party! 

1- Effie Trincket

I’d love to have a party with Effie she seems so cool and I want to see her drunk and singing Dancing Queen and then gushing on how much she just adores Katniss and Peeta and then drunk dancing with Haymich.

2- Castiel

I’d love to see him in a situation like this, he’d be like, “whats the big deal I’ve seen thousands of New Years”, and “Dean why are they all counting down?” I’d pay to see this.

3- Crowley

A demon and an angel go to a New Years Eve Party …..

4- Donna Noble

She’d be so much fun. Just having a good time, fighting with Crowley cause you know he’s offering to kiss her for her soul and she’d just smack him and scoff and go hang out with Effie.

5- Luna Lovegood.

I just want this girl to be at any party I’m at, she’d be so much fun. Also I want to see Luna Lovegood drunk.

Ahh, if only I this could actually happen.


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