I Wanna Spend Christmas At/In …..

Hello! It’s Christmas Eve! The fat man comes tonight!


(I love that GIF)

Today I am going to talk about how if I could go to any fictional place, where it would be that I’d like to spend Christmas and why.

The Burrow

Of course this had to be my first  choice. Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas with the Weasleys although it seems like it would be extremely hectic and crowded I imagine the atmosphere to be ,well magical. I want to be a part of that and crown around the dinning table in my Weasley jumper and laugh at the jokes George and Fred make. It seems so fun.

Auradon (Isle of The Lost / Disney Descendants)

I actually really enjoyed this movie (so much so that I’ve watched it more than once), if you don’t know its about Disney Villains are banished to the Isle of the Lost and a few of their kids get chosen for a sort of exchange programme to Auradon where all the good guys live.
Christmas here just seems like it would be really pretty and extravagant since this is where all the princes and princesses live and of course there’d be a great deal of singing.


This may just be me caught up in my current read which is the Magnus Chase series but I think Christmas with vickings who like to kill each other all wearing paper Christmas crowns and fighting over Christmas crackers just sounds like so much fun and I would love too see that.

The Avengers Tower

I just want to see all the Avengers doing Secrete Santa and decorating the tree and eating dinner and I want Spiderman to be there too. I really wish this could be an end credit scene!!!

Beacon Hills

I just want to see what Christmas would be like in this town because we only ever get to see the town in times when  supernatural creatures are trying to take over and they selfishly never try anything over the holiday season! I want to see the pack doing secrete Santa (Stiles getting Lydia and buying everything), Melissa would most likely be working so I think they’d most likely eat something in the hospital cafeteria and Malia being mildly confused by everything Christmas. Cant we have an episode where killer Christmas elves go on a mission to kill everyone by wrapping them up!

So reading all of that I now realise what I want from Father Christmas: My favourite cast of characters all playing Secrete Santa.
This will be my last post before Christmas so I wish everyone the best and Merry Christmas!


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