TOP 5 Wednesday -Fictional Object Gift Ideas.

Hello! Its time for a Top 5 Wednesday! Today’s topic is fictional objects that you’d give as gifts (although if I managed to get my hands on any of these next 5 items I definitely wouldn’t be giving them away).

If you want to check the next topics check out the goodreads group.


1- Bernards Watch.

This used to be a TV show I used to watch on CITV and it as about this boy who’d wished for more time and it came true in the form of being given a special stop watch that could literally stop time!
I remember wanting this so much and because I was so young at the time I’d lay in bed and wish for more time! This would be great now for when I’ve got exams, I could spend more time studying or whip out the stopwatch in the middle of the exam and have all the time in the world to check the answers in the book.
Plus think of how many books could be read if we literally had all the time in the world!

2- Wand / Made by Ollivander Himself.

Of course a wand from the wizarding world was going to be on this list! Who wouldn’t want a magic wand things in life would just be so much easier and since the only way I’d get a wand is to be a wizard and it’d mean I’d get to go to Hogwarts!!!

3- A Scythe from Croak.

Croak is an amazing book and it’s all about Grimm Reapers and they have Scythes and they can go anywhere and they live in Croak and it just seems like, sure slightly morbid but it seems like such a cool place, and me owning a scythe (which is made up of some sort of rock unique to each reaper, for example Lex’s is obsidian), would get me to Croak.

4- Newts Briefcase

It took all my strength not to name every magical item from the Wizarding World, but I couldn’t hold off not choosing Newt’s Briefcase, its like being transported into a whole other universe where everything just becomes so cute and its filled with creatures who are so loving and who the held wouldn’t want that?!

5-The Tardis.

This is once again proving my new obsession with Doctor Who. I’d love to have the entirety of time and space at my fingertips and the Tardis looks so cool as it is anyways and of course The Doctor would never leave so it’d one big space and time road trip.

So there we are. While making this all fictional items seemed to disappear from my mind! If you somehow have access to any of these things and are struggling on what to get your nearest and dearest for Christmas then I hoped this helped and have a Merry Christmas!


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