Book Character Christmas Cliches

Hello People!

Today we are getting in the Christmas spirit!!! It seems to only just be sinking in that it’s soon Christmas so I’m going to start with some festive posts.

I’m not sure if this title really says what this is about but basically I’ve got a few Christmas situations that come with Christmas and see what book characters in my opinion would most likely fit. If that doesn’t make sense hopefully it will as this goes on.

large.gif1- A Character Who Opens Gifts Before Christmas Day.

Ron Weasley. I feel like he would have gotten this off Fred and George and now he scopes around The Burrow looking for gifts and then unwrapping them and carefully wrapping them again, I feel like he would also most likely get caught by his mum a lot.

2- A Character Who Gives Super Lame Gifts.

Apollo in human form. I feel like he’ll mean to give a super meaningful gift but then it turns out to be just kind of crappy, but then the gift recievers have to smile through the pain of the Hawaiian lady bobble head.

3- A Character Who Gives The Best Gifts.

Lissa Dragomir. I feel like she would just give so much care to what people like and give them such a meaningful gift, also she’s a princess and has a load of money so she doesn’t have to hold back.

4- A Character Who Makes Everyone Wear Christmas Jumpers/Sweater 

Magnus Bane. I have this thing in my brain where I imagine Magnus and Alec wearing matching Christmas jumpers that Magnus has put a spell on to make the change colour.

5- A Character Who Pretends To Be A Grinch But Isn’t Really.

Nico di Angelo, pretends to hate it and be all ‘Will stop with the Christmas songs already’ but deep down he loves it and secretly watches Elf over and over and over again and humming jingle belles over and over.

6- A Character Who Gets Roped into Wearing Christmas Onsies.

Jace Wayland. Can we just take a moment to picture Jace wearing a reindeer onsie. And tiny Clary in an oversized reindeer onsie, I just love picturing this. Someone make a fanart of this and send me it!

7- A Character Who Has The Best Chritsmas Tree.

Lara-Jean, I mean she’s a perfectionist and she loves arts and crafts and so I think it would be really pretty.

8- A Character Who’s Constantly on Christmas Countdown.

Percy Jackson, I feel like Sally Jackson would go all out and they’d have a blue tree and it would be a time he could just relax without demigod stuff getting in the way so of course he would countdown to this.

9- A Character Who Ends Up Forgetting To By Presents Until Christmas Eve.

Rose Hathaway, because Dhampir business takes up a lot of time and energy and she doesn’t realise that its Christmas tomorrow and ends up getting everyone something from a gas station or something, except Lissa of course.

10- A Character Who’s Extremely Competitive When It Comes To A Snowball Fight.

Isabelle Lightwood. Izzie holds back on nobody, I feel like she would be in super high heels, because she’s always in heels, with her hair looking amazing, and makeup on point, and all around her will be her fallen enemies who have been pelted in the eyes with perfectly shaped snowballs.

Hope you liked this. This isn’t necessarily a tag, but if you want to do this then go ahead, and add a link of your post if you do it in the comments so I can check it out.

It was actually really fun to do.




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