Holy Crap! I loved this!


untitled-55Yesterday night I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and I loved it. And so I am now about to talk about my thoughts and just have one huge fangirl moment.

First things first if you haven’t seen this:

Its amazing. I went to see this with my friend, the whole school day was spent with me 1) not trying to fall asleep or punch anyone (but that’s nothing unusual) and 2) bursting out into a ginormous grin and just squealing at random intervals (of course not in the middle of class because I was to busy not falling asleep).

But as excited as I was there was a teeny tiny part of me that was the slightest bit hesitant due to the fact that this is the second extension of the beloved Wizarding World we have gotten this year and the Cursed Child wasn’t necessarily everyones mug of butterbeer.

But Queen JK Rowling didn’t disappoint and in the words of Jennifer Lawrence:


After the movie and having my mind blown, the friend I went to see this with said “it was a great movie, I really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t Harry Potter” and that got me thinking. There were plenty of differences between the two for example:

  • It doesn’t follow three teenagers who are going through learning magic and puberty.
  • No Hogwarts
  • Its not even set in the UK
  • Its in a whole different time period.

But I personally don’t think them being two different things was a bad thing. I don’t think this was supposed to be like the original movies.

Before we go into it there’s a few spoiler free things/moments I want to mention:

  1. You are going to love Jacob Kowalski, he is adorable and brought so much laughter.
  2. The effects are amazing!
  3. Newt Scamander is adorable.




This movie was so well put together. I’m not even sure how to describe what I’m trying to say, it’s as if this movie was made with just so much love, and it came across in just the tiny details.

I felt like this movie captured the very essence of how New York was pictured in the 20’s. From the houseelf who was cleaning wands (how New Yorkers like to get their shoes shined), to the way they talked which really did sound strange to my ears.

For some reason a thing I’m now obsessed with is how they created umbrellas from their wands, how was this not in the original movies! This would be so usefull over in the UK where the weather is in a constant state of wet and rainy and cold and windy.(So yes I’m not obsessed with magical umbrellas).

NEWT SCAMANDER- He is adorable. And he’s a Hufflepuff! I started poking my friend to get her attention to point out the Hufflepuff scarf. I thought Eddie Raymond did a really good job of portraying this kind of shy character. He is just so kind and caring and I want him and Hagrid to meet because I can just imagine his face just lighting up and never wanting to leave the briefcase.

Keeping on topic of the Magical Briefcase I was blown away. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, I think the thing I imagined up was the creatures being tiny like the dragons where in Goblet of Fire when they chose them out of the bag. That’s what I imagined, them all running around inside the briefcase with miniature terrains.


 This is why Rowling is the writing legend and not me.

I loved it in the trailer when Newt just opens it up and steps inside and disappears, and puts his hand up to indicate to Jacob to follow (we’ll talk more about him soon), and so he does and because he’s not as small as Newt he gets stuck and I loved the way he rolled his eyes and started trying to wriggle in there by jumping and thing and didn’t understand that the briefcase was going up and down too. The whole cinema let out a laugh at this.

tumblr_o5ha0citnp1sqxz82o1_500Inside this case was otherworldly. Looking back at it now I feel like that must be what people thought when they saw the first movies and read the books for the first time, an experience I originally missed out on because I watched the movies first then read the books. I was mesmerized by it all.

A thing I noticed that I enjoyed which is again going back to small details and that is when they’re in the case and they find the Obscurus and if you look behind at the mountains you notice that its not mountains at all it’s actually a tarp and I loved that.

I’m so excited to learn more about Newt, his time at Hogwarts, his relationship with Lita Lestrange, learning about his brother, I’m excited to see him interacting more with his animals (him and that stick like creature who had attachment issue was so cute especially when he stuck his tounge out!!!)

Tina & Queenie – I loved their relationship, Queenie has an air of Luna Lovegood to the way she talks I feel, their voices sound so much a lot. The idea of her being a mind reader (yes I forgot the technical name, it’s on the tip of my tongue and I cant think of it), was genius. Tina and Newt seem a lot alike, I feel like they’re both really awkward and its cute. There sister relationship is also really strong and it’s clear they take care of each other.

Jacob Kowalski- 


 Can someone put JK Rowling on the phone and beg for a whole 2 hour movie of Jacob Kowalski reacting to the wizarding world. I want(ed) him to travel with Newt and just experience all of this, drink butterbeer, ride a hippogriff, etc.

I’m giving a metaphorical round of applause for the effects in this movie, they were done so well.

The animals, in my notes I have written that they somehow they manage to look simultaneously amazingly cute and adorable as well as gross at the same time.

I loved seeing the wizards apparated again, it made me feel just to nostalgic.

I found myself wincing at times because the sparks from the spells when they were fighting were really bright in the darkness of the movie theatre.

Ezra Miller did a good job in this in my eyes. I was excited to see him act in this since I’ve never seen him in anything before, at least I’ve never being looking out for him and known who he was. I only know who he is because he’s now The Flash, in the upcoming DC movies, and I wanted to check out his acting abilities.

I felt really sorry for his character, and it got me thinking about what it must have been like for actual wizards and witches back in the olden Salem witches days. I know it’s said  (in the third book), that they just performed a spell and pretended to scream out in pain, but it still must have been kinda scary.

I was not expecting that little twist, I thought it was going to be the little girl and I thought it was going to be kind of predictable and then he’s standing there with his really weird looking face (he does look strange in this), and I was very pleased with that.

I’m not sure how I feel about Johnny Depp as Grindlewald. My first impression is that he looked like the Batman villain, the old version played by Danny DeVito, so I’m not sure what I think yet, he wasn’t there for long so I haven’t made up my mind yet.


Ugh that ending just killed me. I don’t understand why it had to be so sad. I was convinced I wasn’t going to cry at this and then of course, Jacobs mind got wiped, which wasn’t necessary because Newt could have just smuggled him in his case since he was ordered to leave the Big Apple anyways, Newt gave him the stuff he needed to open up his bakery which brought up another sad issue of Queenie visiting him at said bakery where he baked things in the style of the creatures he’s seen, another sad moment.

giphy (2).gif

I loved the way Newt and Tina said goodbye, it was really shy and awkward which really worked to the personality of their characters and I loved it when Newt moved off screen and came back on and then stopped in the middle of the ramp, it was adorable.

The only thing is however, is that I’ve no idea as to how the following movies are going to go. The character’s stories seem to be all tied up into nice and neat little bows, so maybe Newt Scamander may not be the star of the next week.


So I have a few questions now that came to me:

  • How the hell did Tom Riddle AKA Voldemort manage to successfully stay in school the full 7 years without being expelled where as cute little Newt Scamander got kicked out?
  • Which brings me to my next question. If Newt Scamnder got kicked out of school how is did he create that whole other world inside his briefcase? I’m pretty sure you have to have some amazing magical talent to do something like that.


  • When they’re talking about the wizarding schools and Jacob is taking in the information about the wizarding schools while the wizards are saying “Ilvermony is the best wizarding school in the world”, “no I think you’ll find Hogwarts is the best wizarding school in the world”, and Queenie being the savage she is says: “Hogwash?”
  • At this scene I was probably smiling through the whole thing, and that was when they’re looking for the Niffler, who is adorable, and he’s posing trying not to be seen in the shop window while his arm is covered in diamond necklaces and everything that follows, along with the police coming and pointing their guns because now Jacob and Newt are covered in the expensive items, it was amazing.


  •  And by far my favourite scene was when they’re going to get the rhino thing, and Newt does that dance, I was mesmerised by this scene I loved it so much, even from the beginning when Newt is putting him in that protective vest and helmet. I just loved everything and I’m looking forward to re watching this.

    There we go there are my thoughts on this amazing movie, I feel like it’s kind of long but there was so much I wanted to talk about. I cannot believe I have to wait 2 years for the next movie which is currently set to come out in 2018, apparently Rowling already has it written so I’m exited. Since I love this movie I am planning on eventually getting the screenplay which has a magnificent cover, I’m just not sure when exactly, all I know is that I need it for my collection. I also now have a desire to go through the Fantastic Beast book that’s no my shelf.


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