Book Travelling Thursday – A Book I’m Thankful For.

Hello and Welcome to another Book Travelling Thursday. This is an awesome weekly meme, if you want to check out the topics go to the Goodreads group page.


If I stay  by Gayle Forman.

The reason I’m thankful for having read this is because this got me interested in reading contemporary and I didn’t want to go with Harry Potter one because everyone is thankful they read this and 2 because theres a whole bunch of covers for those books.


I don’t like this cover all that much honestly, it seems kind of boring and doesn’t reflect what the book is about all that much.

Least Favourite.

I don’t like this one either, there were quite a few not all that nice covers out there, but I chose this one because I don’t like colours or the font.

UK Cover (WHere I’m from)

This isn’t the worse cover in the world but still not as nice as the newer ones.

(I  couldn’t find one for where I live)


I love the simple cello, I want that edition. The next two I like the colours of them. I own the  movie cover  which I really like.

That’s it for another week, hope you liked this.



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