The Puppy Tag!!!!!

Hello and welcome.

So today we are doing another tag! And I wasn’t tagged, because I’m a loner with no blogger friends who tag me, but I’m doing this tag for a special reason!

This past Tuesday I came home to find a tiny new puppy sniffing around my kitchen.

Quick little back story: My mums been after another fog for a while now and they pulled up a website for a dog shelter in Marbella, and she fell in love with one. They drove out to the shelter the next day, fell in love even more and came home with him.

His name is Poppet, continuing on with the theme of chocolate in my household what with Fudge (dog) and Kit Kat (cat), we’re not sure what type of dog he is though because he was dumped in a bag at the bins with 5 of his siblings which unfortunately isn’t an uncommon thing here. He is eight weeks old, has a very short attention span, likes to sleep on my bigger dog who gets annoyed by him easily, my cat (who chases the big dog around the house) is terrified and cant stand being in the same room as him, he wont walk unless the big dogs walking in front and you continuously call his name which he still doesn’t recognize as his own and click your fingers.

And so celebrating this new edition to the family I shall commence with the tag!


Someone who’s bark is worse then their bite.

*I’ve just been standing at my shelves for 5 minutes* Enoch. I mean he says a lot but I don’t think he’d ever follow through with any of them because deep down he does love the other peculiars.

Fetch – A book/series you always find yourself going back to

The Percy Jackson Series. I love this series and this whole world. I am Rick Riordan trash and will buy literally anything he writes that centres around mythology!

Puppy Love- Your current favourite OTP.

These are both doctor who OTP’s because I’ve recently been on a doctor who high, Possible spoilers. 1st one is Mickey Smith and Martha Jones. How adorable! They were cannon for a total of 2 minutes tops, and the actors are married in real life! Cute. And the second one is River Song and the Doctor. These two are so funny and cute!

Hair of the dog- What book would you recommend to get out of a slump.

The Vampire Academy. I really like this book and it’s gotten me out of a bunk slump myself.

Such a treat- A book that you enjoyed more than you expected to.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Hann. Me reading this was a me trying something different which was cute contemporary books and it paid off because I really enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.

Go for a Walk – A world you’d want to explore.

This is a tough one. I think I’d have to probably choose between the town in Croak by Gina Damico and the world that comes with it, or the world from The Lunar Chronicles, because androids and so much technology!

Mans Best Friend- Your favourite bookish friendship.

Karou and Zuzana from The Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy. I’m basing this off the first book where I think they seem like such a cool friendship. Friendship goals.

Dog Eared- The most well lovebook d in your collection.

14993381_1246172388774730_8962609314150451113_nI love all my books, they’re my babies but I think the one I love is Banksy Wall and Piece. I got this for my birthday and it’s full of Banksy’s art and funny little stories of them.

Play Dead- A character death that you still aren’t over.

I don’t think I have time to name them all!! Dobby why did he have to die? Was Max Lightwood’s death necessary to further the plot of this story? Or the little brother in If I stay!!! And Aiden from Teen Wolf!!! Lets move on before I begin sobbing!

Underdog- A character you’ll always root for.

Harry Potter. He went from being the orphan kid under the stairs who was bullied most of his life to being such a great person (even if that isn’t full shown in Cursed Child).


There we go hope you liked this tag.

PurplePancakes 🙂




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