Random Movies (Because I missed Top 10 Tuesday!)

Hello all!

So I was planning on doing my Top 10 Tuesday yesterday, it was a fun topic, I had the intro written out I was planning on coming home from school and writing down the 10 things I wanted to talk about. Except I came home to find a new puppy walking around my kitchen!

So my plans went out the window since we went out to some bars with my now two dogs (plural oh my god!) and then I was tasked with making dinner because I cant cook and my dads trying to teach me, and then it was just too late after the pots were all washed up! If it helps my case on not writing my post then I’d also like to mention how I didn’t do my maths homework either.

So because I liked yesterdays topic I wanted to do a version of it today, on Wednesday!. Ptops to The Broke and The Bookish who does the Top 10 Tuesday meme and posted this as this weeks topic!

I am ever so sorry for that very long intro but I felt a need to explain myself.


Big Momma’s House (All three movies)

These movies are so good and I actually should probably rewatch these because I love them.  These movies, if you don’t already know are about this FBI agent who has to go undercover as the nanny for some kids, played by Martin Lawrence, and he is just so amazingly funny! Also I should point out that the three movies dont follow the same story line throughout, it’s just Big Momma in different situations.

50 First Dates.

This movie is adorable. There was a time when this movie was in my DVD player in my room for a solid month or so straight. This is Adam Sandler who falls in love with Drew Barrymore who has a form of amnesia meaning she cants remember anything past the day of her accident and doesn’t know she’s ill, and so Sandler’s character is basically making her fall in love with him every day. Adorable and funny.


This movie is epic and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. The songs were cool, it had a cutesy romance, amazing style, what could have been better?! Also the food fight scene is just great!

Mine Yours And Ours

This movie is adorable, I’ve watched it a few times now. I found it on youtube at first and it was really good. This is about a woman who has 10 kids and a man who has 8, and these two people were high school sweet hearts but they broke up and then they meet and spontaneously get married, they don’t even tell their kids, and so they move into this huge light house and try and all live and its hilarious and there’s one part I crack up at every single time.


Honestly I have no idea what this is about all I know is Will Smith and Robots. You may be wondering why I put this on here because that’s taking “Random Movie’s” to a diffent level. The reason I put this on here was because as a kid I was obsessed with this and it used to be on constantly, and I didn’t even know it’s title, I called it “I-bot Robot”.

The Pacifier

Holy crap this movie is so good and I normally watch it 90% of the time it comes on the TV. Vin Diesel babysitting a bunch of kids and teaching them important things, and they’re all adorable together and so funny and so heartwarming.

There we go people, me talking about a bunch of random movies. This has taken me way to long to write and I need to copy my physics note into my physics notebook because it’s the same colour as my English one and I got them mixed up today yay!

Hope you liked this really strange post, if anyone’s watched any of these I’d love to know what you thought about them!

Purple Pancakes 🙂  



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