I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry … I’m going to cry!

The dark inevitable has come. The final season of one of the best shows (in my opinion) Teen Wolf is coming to an end! I will admit that tears formed in my eyes when watching the trailer. I will also admit that I am both extremely exciting and extremely scared/nervous for the upcoming season.

From what we know this seasons big bad will be somesort of horsemen who ride into town and cant leave, they take people and those said people erase from the mind of everyone they know, its as if they don’t exist.

This season is going to be heavily centred around Stiles, as it seems from the trailer he’s taken.Yep. Along with Pete Hale, but nobody likes him so he’s not as important as my baby Stiles.

I feel like this season is going to pack the emotional punches and leave me crying in a corner.

There are a few things that I want to happen in this season though! So lets get into it!


Although highly unlikely I’m still holding out hope that some will return, tumblr_n4l1u10po71qmx8nto9_250I.E , Derek Hale who needs to come back to kick some ass, Isaac Lahey and his scarves and constant negativity, Jackson Whittemore  who I think wouldn’t be such a jerk after experiencing what he has and he could be part of the pack.

tumblr_n33tpc9q5m1t90e7uo1_250I also want to see the return of Danny. Jeff Davis just sprung it on us that he knew about the apparently not so secrete supernatural world of Beacon Hills at the end of season 3 and then season 4 came along and he was nowhere to be seen! I feel like he wouldn’t want to be a part of it but yet the pack would still need help from him anymore and would just turn up at his locker and he just let out an exasperated sigh and unwillinging help them. Also it would be cute if Eethan came back and them two were together!!!!!


Obviously Allison cant come back but that doesn’t mean she has to be forgotten.  But one of the most adorable moments of last season was when they were writing their initials on the bookshelf and Scott wrote AA, I’m sure so many fangirls and fanboys awed at the exact same moment. I would love to see more of that, including maybe her funeral. Considering it’s the last chance to see it I feel like us fans deserve that heartbreaking scene.



I don’t understand why people don’t like Hayden. I understand that they feel like the relationship between Liam and Hayden or Layden was kind of rushed, it was like they hated each other one minute and the next they were sucking each others faces off but I honestly think her character has so much potential.

A way for people to warm to her more is obviously have her interact more with the pact, have Scott sprout off some words of wisdom, have her banter with Stiles, kick ass with Malia, get Lydia to help her with her homework etc.


Corey is adorable, when all the other Chimeras were going about killing people and getting high on electric, cute little Corey was helping with the library clean up and asking Mason out on dates. Him and Mason are adorable.


Liam and Mason are awesome together and I love their bromace moments, and I want a ton of them this season please!


Since there are apparently more then one bad guys this season I feel like the Calaveras should make an appearance especially since the Kate storyline hasn’t yet been resolved and there’s apparently  going to be a Nazi werewolf, which seems like something the family of Mexican hunters may be interested in. I also want to see their reactions to Chimeras.


Jeff Davis has promised us Stydia which means it has to happen!!! This has been prolonged for 6 seasons! Stiles and Lydia belong together! They are going to make adorable banshee babies who the whole pack love! Make me happy Jeff!!!tumblr_ncxu48QXeU1smdnewo1_500.gif


I would love if this happens. One because he kind of disappeared last season, and two because I’m imagining near the end of the mid season finale, Scotts got to get somewhere quick and his dad’s just totally shocked because “you’re a werewolf”, and Scotts just trying to say “pft no, you’ve gone crazy, are you drinking again” and then just sighs and says he’ll explain later. And then I want him talking with Melissa McCall while they’re stitching up one of the pack.


Melissa- Melissa is a kick ass mum. I find all the scenes she’s in to be amazing. I like how when everyone else around her is freaking out because holy crap a big monster and the electricity is on the blink in this goddamn hospital again and she’s just all calm and collective. I feel like she’d survive if there were ever a Zombie Apocalypse.

Coach- For the first half of last season their was an empty void. Something was missing. And that was Coach. He is honestly the life of this show, and makes me smile so much.

Scott learning to become a vet  – I really enjoy seeing Scott strive to become a vet, it seems to bring a sense of normal to his life which he needs and he does such a good job and I think its a nice thing to see. Normally in shows these days teenage guys are trying to get sports scholorships or something.

Brett – I like Brett and the Buddha pack, I think they’re really interesting and I like how Liam uses their chant thing to keep from changing. I’ve heard a rumour which I’m very happy about which is that he’ll be in a lot more episodes this season which is good because I like him.

Scott and Stiles parenting Liam – I love their relationship, Scott is obviously the mum who tries to teach his little Liam important life/werewolf lessons and makes sure he’s wearing his coat or well anyclothes for that matter whereas Stiles is like the dad who rolls his eyes a lot and likes he doesn’t care all to much when we all know he does. tumblr_nqqgezC51v1qdhizao3_r1_500.gif


The finale of this show best be the best episode ever! I will hurt someone if this has a lame last episode I swear! I feel like when I watch it I’m going to cry and most likely rewatch the whole show all over again because of the feels.

Moving onto Spinoffs. I know that for Scott, Stiles, Malia and Lydia they’re going off to college and things but we could so make a show about Liam and friends. Because Liam still has much to learn, he’s only a sophomore so we could have a few seasons, and there are clearly more things to explore in this world. It wouldn’t be as good as the original but then again the Vampire Diaries Spin Off seems to be doing well. Also Jeff Davis probably wouldn’t be pat of it because he want to start on movies. But I still think it could be done.

There we go everyone those are my thoughts on the upcoming season of Teen Wolf, I am incredibly nervous and scared and keep an eye out for a season premiere review. As you might know I started reviewing the new season of Greys Anatomy but found I couldn’t keep it up everyweek, but I will be revewing the season premiere of this show for sure.

Purple Pancakes 🙂  



  1. dez | the fun in reading books says:

    I love this show!!!! I managed to finish up to Season 4 but have to stop since I got a little busier. 😦 Can’t believe Season 6 will be the last season!


    • PurplePancakeBlog says:

      This show is what got me into paranormal things and I guess in turn reading (for more fantasy fixes!). I got so confused from season 5 which is why I’ve been marathoning it th past 2 days. I’ve got a few more episodes left then watching the premiere. To say I’m anxious is an understatement!

      Liked by 1 person

      • dez | the fun in reading books says:

        Haha. I need to catch up and start watching season5 then! But I’m not sure when I can start watching again considering how full my hands are with books and others things now. But either way, I’ll make sure to watch it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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