Characters That Would Make Good World Leaders!

Wouldn’t it be the best if our favourite characters were the ones in charge of our world?

So this week the world saw America elect Donald Trump as the person they want to be president. Thankfully I live in a whole different continent so America you do you, and I wish you all the best of luck with everything. But I know people aren’t all that happy with the news, infact my teacher when he found out Trump won, via me looking it up, threw his hands to his head in shock and said ‘no!’, and thought I was playing a joke on him.

So I thought why not make the best out of a pretty bad situation? I’m not going to pretend to know a lot about politics because I don’t, although I am interested I’m still learning about all these different things so I am certainly no expert. But these are just a few characters I would love to see be in parliament over in the UK or President of the USA, and I don’t really know anymore about any other of the world leader positions. This is purely for fun, and entertainment because I don’t like going all dark and serious.

(Cute cat doing the gangnam style is proof of this post being fun and not at all serious!)


Lets get started:

Close your eyes and imagine glitter everywhere, a cat being Vice President, killer white house charity parties with the weirdest assortment of government officials you could possibly imagine. Picture the oval office decked out with a fancy bar covered in neon lights and then picture President Magnus Bane sat back, feet on the desk with a cocktail in his hand in a shiny suit.

Wouldn’t this be great! Although I’m not sure if the white house has any sort of policy against 900 year old half demon half humans running for president, if your American look it up and tell me!




So maybe this is me subconsciously crying out for help over how Rory and Amy left Doctor Who,  but I now imagine Rory Williams being an amazing Prime Minister. If you watch the show you will know that Rory Williams is possibly the only character who asks the logical questions! Also he is such a caring cutie, he’s lived for a lot longer then it seems (I’m trying to avoid spoilers), so he’s seen a lot, and unlike other people he wouldn’t try to kill a bunch of creatures because they’re aliens, also he told Hitler to shut up and punched him in the face!


LYDIA MARTIN from Teen Wolf. If any fictional TV character should be the first female president it should be her. Lydia is such a sweet and caring person who is incredibly smart and also kick ass in her own special way. She comes out with some amazing things so she’d be great at doing speeches, and when people bring up stupid things she can pull out one of her awesome eye rolls and put a stop to their idiotic-ness. large.gif

Scorpius Malfoy. Ok so maybe he wouldn’t be President or Prime Minister but what about Minister of Magic? I think this would be great and I need this to be cannon. From what we can see from Cursed Child he’s he level headed one in his friendship with Albus, and think of all the stereotypes he could just kill what with him being a Malfoy and Minister and he can show everyone how sweet he really is.

The last person I have in mind is Katie Quinn from The Wrong Side of Right, a book that I fully enjoyed. This book follows her father running for president but I think she would do a great job too. In fact when I was reading some reviews on Goodreads to try and quench my book hangover someone actually said they think she’d make a great President as opposed to her father who is just a huge ass.

There we go people I hope you liked this. This should have gone up yesterday but as I went to write this, it wouldn’t let me get onto any of my drafts or write anything new which is annoying because I had a lot of free time yesterday and could have gotten a lot done but oh well!

PurplePancakes 🙂  


2 thoughts on “Characters That Would Make Good World Leaders!

  1. My Artist Life says:

    This post is wonderful and I am so glad that I found it! I happen to live in America and even for someone who doesn’t follow pollitics, it’s slightly depressing. Magnus Bane for president 2020! (The problem is I don’t think he wasa born in America and you have to be born in America to be president) Also, your profile picture is amazing!


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