Book Travelling Thursday!

Its up late again! I’m doing a crappy job this week people I really need to get my life together!!!

This weeks topic was a book you was recommended and enjoyed! If you want to participate the topics are posted on the goodreads page

So for this week I chose The Hunger Games!!!!! I’m never really recommended books in person, its typically me who’s recommending books to my friends! So the closest I could come to for this was the Hunger Games  because my mum bought me the boxset but I was going to read them after the last movie came out, don’t ask me why I was a strange person, but then my mum kept saying read it and so did my friends so I gave in and read it and really enjoyed them obviously even if I did bawl my eyes out several times!




So like the OG Hunger Games covers I think they look very dystopian like. Also I have a fanart photo thing of Rapunzel from Tangled of her in her tower reading this and they use this cover.

UK AND SPANISH COVER (Where I’m from/ Where I Live)

I hate these UK covers they look just so , just no! I’m not fully sure how exactly to word my dislike for these covers and I am so glad my mum got me the plain black editions with the pin on the front!

Now the Spanish editions! So a girl in my class is reading these with the covers that you see in the photo above and they’re so pretty! A boy in my class is also reading the first book.


I love the first ones they look so pretty with the silhouette of Katniss each with her bow and I think it works well with the book. These would look very nice on my shelf!

And the second ones I like how weird the are I guess. I like the bright neon colours and I think it works well.


The only thing I really like about these covers is that it says PANEM on the front, I don’t get what the leaves around the face of the girl have to do with anything and it doesn’t look that cool compared to the others though.

I also don’t like the UK cover like I said!

There we go for another week, hopefully get this published earlier next week. I’m very emotional at the minute because I was watching doctor who (when am I not at the minute?) and it was Angels Take Manhatten episode and I cried and I’m very sad! 😥




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