The Fireworks Book Tag! (Bonfire night special)


So today in England, November 5th is Bonfire Night. Basically on this night we set off a bunch of fireworks because a long time ago this dude called Guy Fawkes tried to make


This guy looks creepy but I can appreciate the hat!

parliament go BOOM! And basically we celebrate that by sitting outside in the freezing cold in the dark eating food and watching fireworks.


I haven’t celebrated Bonfire night in 4 years now because it isn’t a thing here in Spain, so I thought I would do the Fireworks tag I found online and do it to celebrate. I also added a few extra questions to make it fit more with the theme!


A book that made you scream (In a good or bad way)

Literally the whole Mortal Instruments series. So much drama for me to scream at.


A book you read before it exploded in the book community.

Aha. I don’t have an answer.. Honestly I’m really behind on books so I tend to read quite popular books that have already blown up. And I have recently read a few books that I haven’t seem many reviews on but none that have blown up!



A banned boy you’ve read.

(I had to look on google) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. I have no idea why this would be banned. I think I heard that the Captain Underpants books were banned in a school somewhere and I’ve read that too.


A book/author everyone needs to read.

Croak by Gina Damico. Such a good book. So much fun. Its about teenage grimm reapers in training. Go read it!


A book / series with a complicated plot.

The Throne of Glass Series. I’ve only got the first book to go by, but I’ve heard that it does get very complicated which is possibly what I’m intimidated by.


A book/ series with an amazing set of central characters.

I’m going to go with Cassie, Lia, Sloane, Dean and Michael from The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. These guys scwabble a lot, but they’re all so different and work well together.

 — Ok so these are my own questions now —



A childhood book you once loved but aren’t so bothered by anymore.

David Walliam’s books. I used to love these books but now they don’t really appeal to me anymore.


A hyped up/popular book/series you read and loved.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Hann. This book was so adorable and I’m glad I picked it up thanks to so many good things being said about it online.


A book/series with the prettiest colours.

The Reckoners Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I love these hardback covers they’re just bright pop of colours with the title and it reminds me of a firework which suits this tag.


A book perfect for reading around the bonfire (or near the fireplace works too)tumblr_n01okaoqvf1qb3quho1_500

I feel like Frostbite (Vampire Academy book 2) would be a nice one to read near a fire because it takes place at a ski lodge with lots of snow and it seems really cosy.


A book you got for free/really cheap that you enjoyed.

The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker. I downloaded this for free on kindle and it was so much fun I loved this book and highly recommened it!

FIRE-EXTINGUISHER (For when everything goes really wrong)

A book you weren’t enjoying and had to DNF it.

So far I’ve only DNF-ed two books and those are A Darker Shade of Magic, because I was going into a slump and Runes by Ednah Walters because I just wasn’t enjoying it.

There we go guys, hope you liked this tag.

On one of the bottom questions, the second to last I professionally put an *, incase peopleuntitled-29 didn’t know what Penny for the Guy, meant. Basically you make a sort of stuffed person, they normally look really bad, and its meant to be Guy Fawkes, and you go around asking for a penny, and then you out the guy ontop of the bonfire and watch it burn. (something along those lines).

I’ve never actually done this it’s quite and old thing but we did learn about it at school and I thought it would make a cool question.

Anyways hope you liked this, if you’re from England or are in England then have a good night and be careful and enjoy the nice food you’re probably eating.

Purple Pancakes 🙂


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