Book Travelling Thursdays – Favourite Author.

Hello people who are reading this!

So this month I am starting Book Travelling Thursdays!
In honour of National Authors day which was a couple of days ago this first topic is pick a book by one of your favourite authors and I chose ….

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

I chose this because I love Ricks books so much, I own 19 of his books and I’m planning on buying the newest one that came out recently, Hammer of Thor the second book in the Magnus Chase series, soon. Riordan’s books are also a big, big part of what got me into really I guess hardcore, you could say, reading and this huge community that goes with it.

pjo btt.jpg(Bare with me, I’m not sure how to really present this and the edit is once again rubbish and I apologise)


I like the original cover, I think it looks cute and I like Percy with his sword in the sea and the lightning in the background it’s not a bad cover.

UK COVER (Where I’m from)

Ugh! I hate the UK covers for this series, and Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles! Thankfully the covers are getting better for his newer books (I love the Magnus Chase UK covers more then the US). I don’t like the colours and the minotaur looks so cheesey.

SPANISH COVER (Where I live)

Eh, not the best cover but not as bad as the UK, I like the simpler colour and I like seeing Percy there in his Camp shirt, which I think says CHB on it but I’m not sure, I don’t know why he has what I think is a trident and not his sword though.


So the first one you see is the copy I own and it is so beautiful! I love the colours and how the Y at the end of Percy’s name is a trident. I like how badass he looks standing on that statue in the sea and is looking at New York.

The next one is one I saw when I was looking for covers to put in this and it makes me smile. It looks kind of cheesy and maybe looks like what the ebook cover looked like before this series became such a big hit, but I like the simple purple background (I’m a sucker for purple) and the flying shoe, which is actually really important!


Yeah the first one does not look cool. I think this may be the movie cover and I don’t like it. If anyone ever watched Sunny With a Chance of Disney with Demi Lovato, it reminds me of the McKenzie Falls poster but that weeks episode is about throwing ice (which is what that lightning looks like) what with the haircut and the colour scheme of this cover.


And the last one, isn’t so bad, my problem is the fact that his t-shirt is green, and I know I’m being petty but it should be orange! I don’t like all the fog either.

There we go my first ever BTT. If it’s as terrible as I think it is let me know, but in a constructive way, maybe give me a few pointers as to how to improve,

I’m also thrilled that I now have a Mackenzi Falls poster saved in my gallery!

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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