Books Currently On BookOutlet I Want (But Cant Get)

Sometimes when I’m bored, which is quite often I go over to Book Depository or Book Outlet to just scroll through books and it makes me feel all happy and warm inside!

I love checking out Book Outlet but it also makes me kind of sad because I cant buy anything from there! You probably already know but, Book Outlet is a sight that sells popular books for extremely low prices, it’s basically heaven for any book lover. Except for those of us who don’t live in America and Canada.

Unlike Book Depository, this sight doesn’t have free international shipping which means I can get 5 books for bout 10 US dollars and then spend 50 US dollars on shipping to Spain!

And so I am left to scroll along and look at the bargains but not be able to buy which is what I did earlier today and saw that there were some books I would get if obviously I could, and I thought I would make a little post about it and if you live in the states then you can go over to Book Outlet and buy them, then comment on this and make me feel sad!

book outlet books.jpg(I apologise for this really bad edit but I couldn’t make all the photos fit and it looks terrible!)

Up first was Broken Hearts and Other Fences to Mend by Katie Finn. I discovered this today while scrolling along, the cover seemed interesting and I loved the title and so I read the synopsis. This book seems like a really nice contemporary about a girl, Gemma, who had her whole summer planned out but then things change, as they do, and there’s something about mistaken identity and a summer of sun, boys and friendships gone sour. This was Hardcover edition and it was only $2.99

In the top titles of today they had Peter Pan in a different edition but then I saw this edition, the Puffin Chalk edition and I love it, they also have a Wizard of Oz one that looks equally beautiful. This was in Paperback and it was $3.99

Next up is Killer Instinct by S.E Green. Ben from BenjaminofTomes on Youtube talked about this a lot and I really want to get my hands on it, half because of the cover which looks so cool, and half also because I want to own two books called Killer Instinct (I own Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes). This was paperback and it cost $2.99.

Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas. This cover is beautiful and the story inside seems equally amazing. This book is about two people who have been talking online and have become friends and they want to meet .. only one problem, if they meet they’ll die. Both of these people are ill, one has a pace maker keeping him alive and the other is allergic to electricity (I know poor guy), so they cant meet in person. I really want this and its on Book Outlet in hardcover for $3.99.

All The Truth That Is Me by Julie Berry. This is one I clicked on randomly and read the synopsis and metaphorically added it to my imaginary basket. I’m not too sure what it’s about all I know is that the main character and her best friend where abducted, I think, four years ago and now only she returns and she stays quiet and disntant and the town doesn’t really like her but then something happens and if she chooses to talk about it her whole world could change. That is a terrible description but I suggest you check it out on Goodreads. This was for sale in Hardcover for $3.99.

The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall. This book sounds so cool, and yet I know nothing about it. I don’t understand how that works and I don’t care. I thin it’s sort of like a YA thriller, which I love, and obviously contains a conspiracy which I believe revolves around a group of rich and high powered families? Either way this was a hardcover copy for only $2.99.

Storm Siren by Mary Weber. Every other place I’ve tried to buy this from online don’t have it in stock! This is the first in a trilogy each with amazingly beautiful covers, again no clue what it’s about, I think the main character could possibly be a slave for sale and she accidently kills her owners or something, I have no idea and I don’t want to know because I will own this eventually and want to go in semi blind, even if I don’t purchase it from Book Outlet in hardback for $3.99.

This one has been on there for a while and I’m pretty sure there’s only a small amount left of They All Fall Down by Roxanne St Clare. Someone on Goodreads who I’m friends with is actually currently reading this so I’m looking forward to reading her review of this. This was only $3.99 in hardback.

And last but not least we have My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal and this is another recent discovery. The plot of this is that a girl regrets her last kiss, and the sort of tag line is:    What if your last kiss is with the wrong boy?                                                                                            She remembers her first kiss, but not her last, its all a blur, she knows she had her last kiss at her seventeenth birthday party the night she died. I think this sounds really cool.

There we go guys hope you enjoyed this, and if it’s worth you while to buy books off BookOutlet without the large cost of shipping, go check these out!

Bye- Purple Pancakes 🙂




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