The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016

untitled (55).png

INITIAL RELEASE – October 20th 2016

DIRECTOR Kenny Ortega (High School Musical – Disney Descendants – Hocus Pocus …)

MUSIC COMPOSED BY – Richard Hartley

PRODUCER – Gail Berman

PRODUCTION COMPANY – Fox 21 Televison Studios


I was flicking through channels last night hoping to find something entertaining, something other then Phineas & Ferb, as great as that show is, watching it at eleven o’clock at night, gives me a headache. I came across the movie section and saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and it was the new remake version I had heard and had gotten excited about. My excitement was momentarily dampened when I realised it was already halfway through, but boy am I grateful for Sky Premiere +1, where it was only 2 minutes in.

I had wanted to watch the original movie for a while now, but I just never did, maybe because for some reason my mind has a thing against watching old movies, it’s a miracle if I watch any movie that wasn’t made in this century. I got comfy, snuggled in my onsie,  drinking my chocolate milkshake, eating my ham sandwich (I was hungry and my mum makes a nice sarnie!) and trying to get my brother to stop moaning about how I changed the channel while he was on the toilet.

I have to say that hearing my brother complain and having to convince him to let me carry on watching, pulling out all the stops including not going to the loo and keeping the remote by me at all times, all of this was worth it. I fully enjoyed this movie and had a blast watching it.

On more the one occasion I found my self boogying in my seat along to the music, and had a smile on my face. I am loving the fact that they’re starting to remake these old movie’s, like the Grease live that happened earlier this year featuring Vanessa Hudgins and Carly Rae Jepson and the Hairspray Live which is coming soon featuring Dove Cameron and Ariana Grande. I think it’s brilliant that the younger generations who are like me and prefer to watch things made after they were born, get to experience these stories.

Now after watching this remake I am adamant that I’m going to watch the original.

I have to say that during this whole thing I didn’t really have a clue what was going on, I was just transfixed by the singing and the dancing and the crazy outfits and the colours and the fact that I was exhausted.


I think part of the reason why I was so excited for this was due to the fact that I knew of actors who starred in it, mainly Victoria Justice who played Janet and Ryan McCartan who played Brad. I spent my, pre teen years, I guess you could say watching Victorious over on Nickelodeon, in which of course Victoria plays Tori Vega who attends a performing arts school where they pain their lockers (my favourite part).

I loved seeing these two be part of something that is the complete opposite of anything Disney or Nickelodeon but looking at it now I’m feeling sad that the child stars I grew up with are growing up too and it makes me feel old!

I thought every person in this were great singers, they were all amazingly talented and gave off an amazing energy in all of the scenes.

Another thing I wanted to mention is Adam Lambert. I saw his name in the titles at the beginning and thought ‘oh Adam Lambert’s in this’, and made a note to look out for him. (Keeping an eye out in movie’s for actors you know or have seen before and trying to remember what else you’ve seen them in is fun.) Granted I don’t exactly follow him or his career I do know what he looks like and I didn’t realise it was him when he came on screen. It took me halfway through his performance for it to click because he looked so different with the hair and the tattoos and the studs on his sleeveless jacket.

And lastly there were three woman singers who were all dressed in black clothes and stood singing, for some reason they reminded me of the three muses from the animated Hercules movie.


Let me just say that I am no expert on set designs or anything fashionable, I do however know if I like it and if I think it looks cool.

First things first: Everyone in this movie is hair goals! My favourite being Columbia, I loved her short hair and the rainbow colours. I loved her outifit of a tutu with fishnets and Doc Martins. She is my new fashion icon, that is if I had the confidence to wear those types of clothes. I also really liked her, what I’m assuming were pyjamas.

I don’t really have much to say about the sets honestly, and since I haven’t watched the original there is nothing for me too compare! Lets just move on …


[I’m talking about my favourite parts from this movie, and I have no idea if any of these are classic moments from the original!]

This is a small thing that happened but for some reason it’s stuck with me and it was a small moment that I really enjoyed. I’m talking about after Brad and Janet have been stripped down to their underwear, Brad starts getting a bit annoyed and while he’s talking he’s trying to put his foot in his shoes but it’s just not working. And then when they leave he quickly picks up his shoes to cover his junk because he’s literally still in his tighty-whities.

The Time-Warp scene. This was a brilliant scene and it had me dancing. Funny thing about this is that earlier in the day I saw a photo about the Time-Warp, with the lyrics of the chorus on photos of Doctor Who companions.

When Eddie (Adam Lambert) crashes through the window on his bike, and just belts out a killer song, but then Dr. Frank-N-Furter seems to get kind of jealous and stabs Eddie and then pushes him out the window. – “He’s left the castle”.

Small little moment- but when Brad is being all dramatic on the bed posts like a Disney princess kind of.

When Janet and Rocky get caught in the ice cooler and it’s just a pass between of “Janet!”, “Dr Scott”, “Janet!” “Brad!” “Rocky!” “Janet!” “Brad” and so on.

I also loved when they’re all sat around the table, Brad and Janet still in their undies, and Frank looking fabulous! And there’s a tiny fourth wall break where Dr Scott looks into the camera and starts talking and Brad moves into the shot and is like, “who are you talking to there’s nothing there?” that made me smile. But then the table cloth gets pulled off to reveal Eddie dead in the table, with a couple extra chins and he looks like he’s passed out drunk. (I love the idea of someone dragging his body back up there and putting him in the table).

And that pool scene at the end is the weirdest thing ever. I want to know how on earth someone thought that up. I want to know how anyone thought up this movie as a whole!

Thanks for reading. This was my first review of a movie so it’s probably not the best, but I really did love this movie and I need to watch the original!



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