The Seven’s Halloween Costumes (PJO)

Hello everyone. Today I am going to be talking about what I think The Seven of the Prophecy would dress up as Halloween. This was a really fun thing to make and I cant wait to think of what you guys think of my choices, and these are kind of like head cannons .

I did these in different catagories because I feel like the gang would probably do a whole lot of group costumes.


Percy – Aquaman  (Everyone forces him but he uses his powers as part of the costume )

Annabeth – Supergirl

Jason-  Superman (He flies everywhere)

Piper – Wonderwoman

Frank – Green Arrow

Hazel – Batgirl

Nico – Batman

Leo – The Flash (Or Cyborg and he’s make his own suit)


Percy- Spiderman (ok but can anyone else not see how much he acts like Peter Parker)

Annabeth – Captain Marvel

Jason – Captain America

Piper – Scarlett Witch

Frank – Hawkeye

Hazel- Squirrel Girl

Leo – Iron Man (And of course the suit would be fully functional)

Nico – Ghost Rider


Percy – Harry Potter (Only book he read as a kid and they both have black hair green eyes)

Annabeth – Celeana Sardothien (Loves those books)

Jason – Peeta Mellark (Piper and Annabeth help him choose)

Piper – Katniss

Hazel – Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)

Frank – The BFG

Leo – Horrid Henry (never actually read it but he watched the show and knows it was a book)

Nico – Slytherin Student (even though we all know he’s a Hufflepuff of a Gryffindor at heart)

[Rachel would also definitely dress up as a Weasley]


Percabeth – Bonnie and Clyde (I don’t know why I just imagine this)

Jiper – Bacon and Eggs (Jason would be the bacon and Piper the eggs, don’t ask me why I thought of this but I now love this idea)

Frazel – Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Caleo – Han Solo and Princess Leia (Calypso has no idea what it is but Leo would be super excited about it so she goes along with it, also the light sabers work)

Solangelo – Ghost Busters (Will’s idea)

[Jason and Percy couple costume of Salt and Pepper]


The Power Rangers


Power Puff Girls (Annabeth Piper and Reyna)


The Incredibles

No idea who would be who in any of these but I like the ideas.

There we go, I hope that if you’ve read the Percy Jackson series you liked this quick little thing. I loved doing this and I’ve been smiling while writing this. I couldn’t think of anything for Reyna because she is also an important character who needs to be appreciated. I think of her and Nico as part of the Seven which is why he’s on this list.

If anyone else has any ideas I would love to hear them!

Purple Pancakes 🙂


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