#T5W Creepy Settings!

I Hello guys and welcome to Top 5 Wednesday this week I am going to be talking about 5 spooky settings I like shows/movies/books to be set in!!! 118368

The topics are posted on the Goodreads page and they should be putting up the new topics soon ready for November!

I have an exam tomorrow that I haven’t studied for so lets make this quick so I can maybe, but probably not, study!

1- Abandoned Mental Hospital.

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story set in an insane asylum?!

2- Dungeons

Main characters getting chased through dungeons or chained up in dungeons with rusty metal, hardly any light and for some reason near enough always a leaking pipe are awesome scenes

3- Small Towns

Every sort of demonic presence, covens of witches etc. always seem to happen in sleep small American towns, take Supernatural for example.

4- Schools at Night

So much stuff goes down at school at night, watch just one episode of Tee Wolf and my point will be proven, or The Vampire Diaries. Just goes to show that school really is a scary and horrible and should not be trusted place.

5- Abandoned Theme Parks/Carnivals

For some reason I always imagine places like this having clowns painted on bits of wood with the paint peeling off, and really olden day rides and the carrousel still running.


There we go top 5 creepy locations that I like. Hope you enjoyed this, I now have to go and study probably going to fail but oh well, who cares about verbs and stuff anyways?!

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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