Top 10 Tuesday – Book Character Halloween Costume Ideas!

Hello and welcome to this weeks Top 10 Tuesday! toptentuesday

This is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week I am gonna talk about book characters you could dress up as for Halloween since it’s really not far away!!!!

For Halloween I am going up into the towny bit of where I live and taking my brother trick or treating in the brs with some family friends, I don’t know what I’m dressing up as yet though.

Maybe I can get some ideas from this list:

Doctor Who

I thought I’d start with the one that’s not a book characterbecause you know, I always have to break my own rules. This being on the list may have something to do with the fact that I have recently become re-obsessed ever since I had 5 days off from school and got through a season and a half-ish (aswell as watching other shows, reading, helping around the house, I could have watched more but I get scared of too many feels sometimes so I sometimes wait a bit between episodes every now and then)
But yep, this would be a cool costume, you can decide which doctor, if you like leather jackets, converse or bowties, or some sort of alien or maybe a badass companion, (I love Donna and Captain Jack and I’m liking the Ponds and River)

Wally (Waldo)

This is cliché but I really like this costume! And it does count because they’re from the Where’s Wally Books. Seems like a pretty easy one two, red bottoms, stripy top and a red beanie!

A Shadowhunter

Literally black everything! Lots of leather, showing off skin with runes y can draw with black body paint or whatever, a weapon or ten, maybe some fingerless gloves and black boots.

Magnus Bane

Or any warlockbut we all know Magnus is the best. What you need is: dark nail polish, shiny tops, tight pants, maybe cool contacts if you want to go all out, necklaces and rings and earrings colour in the hair and of course lots and lots and lots of glitter (and take your cat along too if you want, we cant forget Chairman Meow, now can we?)

A Dhampir

Mostly the same sort of set up as a shadowhunter, maybe if you’re going to two different celebrations you could just accessories differently. All you need is once again is black clothes with boots, maybe wear your hair up and draw some marks on the back of your neck, and carry with you some sort of stake like thing.

A Citizen of the Capitol

Maybe you have a Lady Gaga costume laying around from the mid 2000’s that you could use and just modernise slightly, maybe get a huge and colourful wig and really bright make up and your good to go. And if this is your entry to a costume contest well then .. “May the odds be ever in your favour”!


Ah Dumbleydore. All you need is some robes, round or semicircle glasses, a long fake beard, a whole lot of secretes hidden under that hat, a wand , ooh you’ll need a hat too.

Death Eater

If you want to go a darker route but still stay in the Wizarding World then dress to Impress … for Azcaban. Just some dark robes and a sharpie to draw the Dark Mark and if you’re really on a budget just pick up a stick on your way to the party.

A Demigod

You can dress as a demigod from the book, Roman or Greek, Orange shirt or Purple shirt, or you can just pretend that you yourself are born from a mythical good. And its pretty cheap. Just a plain orange or purple shirt and draw the design of the camp on it and carry around a toy sword and draw the brand if you’ve gone for Roman demigod.

A Huntress of Artemis.

I cant forget about those girls. They’re baddass! Just need some silver clothes,probably a coat is best and some brown or black boots, and re use the bow from last years Katniss costume!

There we go guys, hope you liked this and maybe it helped slightly, probably not. I enjoyed doing this and I hope everyone has a good Halloween!

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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