Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite non-cannon ships!

Hello and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday! 118368

So is skipped last week because I had no answers whatsoever to the topic which was: Innacurate book covers.

But this week I am back! And I have 5 adorable ships that aren’t cannon.

1- Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen (The Flash)

Ok so I feel like Barry and Iris are gonna become cannon eventually, when he stops messing the timeline up along with his relationships, but I honestly don’t like them two together. I don’t care if they do become a thing, but I ship Snowbarry a lot more and they need more scenes together.


2- Jesse Wells and Wally West (The Flash)

[This is my last ship for The Flash I promise]. These two are adorable! I want this to become cannon so much, and since theres the whole Kid Flash thing and now Jesse Quick they’d be a power speedster couple!!! Make it happen people!


3- Scorbus (Cursed Child)

There was quite a lot of queer bating when it came to these two in the book, they had such cute banter and such a good relationship and it’s obvious they like each other. But it seems Scorpius has a thing for Rose in the book and they’re not gonna go that route but at least we may be getting Dumbledores love story!


4- Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Apollo (Percy Jackson series)

Hear me out! Not exactly a romantic ship. I wrote a chapter in a fanfiction about Apollo turning up at her boarding school and them two hanging out and I actually thought it was adorable, and I would love to see the two of them have a Brotp, especially now that he’s in his none godly form as Lester.

5- Sterek (Stiles and Derek Hale – Teen Wolf)

Soo, I ship Stalia I really do but if there were maybe not to happen I think Sterek would be cute, I love the fanart where there’s the two puppies one like a Jack Russell (Stiles) all hyperactive and things and the other a big black husky(Derek) who’s kind of annoyed by the hyperactive dog. It’s cute.



Enzo Amore and Sasha Banks (WWE)

So I’m doing a bonus round because I want too. This isn’t a serious one of anything really more a WWE storyline I would love to see. A couple weeks back Enzo was flirting kind of with Sasha and I loved it and they did a tag team together, and I would love to see them two be super hipster and badass and trashtalk people together! Just hinking back to that small interaction makes me smile. I doubt it will though because Sasha’s married in real life and the writers at WWE are kind of not doing a good job at the minute but still.


Ok that’s all for this weeks top 5. Hope you all liked this, tell me if you ship any of these or if you don’t.

Bye – Purple Pancakes πŸ™‚


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